Victim Mindset Vs Creator Mindset

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The teacher should have told us when the project was due I should have checked my syllabus to be sure of the due date
They should clean the square up a little bit more. I think all students should come together to make the square cleaner
my teacher gave me an F I should speak to my professor to get a better understanding of why my grade is what it is
iPhones crack too easy I should get a case for my iPhone to avoid cracking.
My girlfriend nags too much I should talk to my girlfriend about why we are not working to potential.
a non driving individual hit my car mistakes happen, my health is more important.
the food here sucks I should speak to someone about the quality of the food
the workers act more like customers I should ask the workers if they need help so their not so confused
My friend stole my assignment I should have made sure my computer
My roommate stole my food. Before I accuse anyone of anything I should ask him if he took my food.
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