Creater vs. Victim

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I don't like the way the teacher explains things in class I decided to stay after class and ask the teacher for help
I think this class is hard for no reason and stupid I decided to get a tutor t help me in class and to pass it even though I don't ike the class
I think the campus café food sucks I eat the food at the café that is more healthy for me
I can't stand my mom always telling me to clean up behind myself when my mom make ask me to do things I do it as soon as she ask me to
the teacher needs to give us more time before the exam I started studying early so when the test comes ill be prepared
I don't like having to get up for my 8am I go to bed earlier and wake up and get breakfast so Im not as tired in the morning
I don't like when the teacher gives out homework over the weekend when the teacher gives homework on Friday I do it that day so it is out the way
My teacher always gives me low grades on my essay i stayed after to ask he teacher what i can do to get a better grade on my essay's
i don't like the not having any of my own money i will apply for a job and save my money so ill always have it
The people in my group never do any work or even give input I meet with my group and walked them through what needs to be done so they are not lost
The people at my school are so annoying I joined a club that shares my interest and found a group of people i like
All my classes are so hard so ill just give up this semester and hope for the next I am going to go get tutors for the classes that may need assistance in.
The key ingredient of personal responsibility is choice True
When people create the best life possible given their circumstances, they are employing a ____ mindset Creator
When people allow life to happen to them, they are employing a___ mindset Victim
When we respond to a stimulus as a creator we are most likely to... Seek Solutions, take action, try something new
When we respond to a stimulus as a victim, we are mos likely to... Blame,Complain,Excuse
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