Horror Character Research

Alice Ward
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Alice Ward
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A mind map to explain the mise-en-scene and other features to Horror Characters

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Horror Character Research
  1. Most horror victims within a horror film/trailer is someone with up most innocence. A child, for that matter, or a single mother etc. For example, the young girl within the film Poltergeist has the mise-en-scene of purity in her costume and faces. She wears typical childish clothes that are almost perfectly worn by her and her pure blonde hair (almost white) symbolises her innocence; as white shows purity, innocence, fragility. Most are often dumb struck or lack the knowledge; thus are chosen to be of the younger age.
    1. Almost perfectly worn costumes in perfect condition, also almost childish to add innocence!
      1. White dress code for desired purity of a daemon.
        1. Bright colours, happiness.
          1. Children, Single mothers, a happy family.
            1. Somebody non-religious, non-believers.
              1. Carol Anne
            2. An evil character in a horror are either within an object as a possessor of some sort or that of an obscure, mysterious figure. Their wardrobe is normally dark and black to symbolise the darkness within them. Their speech normally entails anger and fearful words and lines that are normally riddled. This is by stereotypes found.
              1. Dark Clothing: Black, Grey
                1. Shadowed with blackness surrounding them.
                  1. Sometimes inaudible speech, grunts and screaming to add fear!
                    1. A daemon recorded in religious myths etc.
                      1. Annabelle
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