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Atomic theory of dalton All matter is composed of atoms All atoms of a given element are the same Compounds are 2 or more atoms bonded A chemical reaction is a rearrangement of atoms Atoms cannot be created or destroyed
Chemical change When the things chemical structure and properties change but it stills has the same atoms in it. Eg: iron rust
Physical change When the thing stays the same in identity but changes state or something Water turning the ice
Atomic mass Protons plus neutrons
Atomic number Protons
JJ Thompson experiment Cathode ray sent through a tube and used magnets to push the day off target this shows that the electron is negatively charged and does exist
Rutherford experiment Sent alpha particles through s thin gold sheet and found out that some of the particles bounced back and off in different directions this means that there is empty space in the atoms and that there is a nucleus in the middle of the atom.
How to figure out what an atoms electrons look like The periods tell you how many shells there are and the columns tell you how many in the outer shell
Isotope? An isotope is a variation of an element with a different amount of neutrons.
Groups and periods Groups are alkali metals, alkaline earth metals, halogens and noble gases. Periods tell you how many shells the electrons have
Metal properties Shiny, hard, dense, high tensile strength, melting point high, not malleable
Non metals Opposite
What does binary mean in chemistry A compound with only two elements or groups of elements.
Ionic A compound with a metal and a nonmetal
Covalent A compound with a nonmetal and another nonmetal
Cation Positively charged ion
Anion Negatively charged ion
Polyatomic ionic compounds Polyatomic ionic compounds are when a metal and a non metal bind and the cation and anion need to cancel eachother out. Eg Fe(3)nitrate You need 3 nitrate to cancel out the +3 charge of the iron
Polyatomic An ion with 2 or more elements bonded together binds with some other ions or element Nitrate and iron
Alkanes 2 times the carbon atom amount +2 = H
Alkanes pt2 Methane ethane propane butane All the other have numbers C1-10 H-4-22
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