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Key for OCR sociology AS

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Something which people see as important. Values. An example could be something you believe in
What are norms? And give an example. Are behavior that are considered normal.They are specific rules of behavior that relate to a specific social situation and given society. For example manners I.e. the way we eat and prepare food
Consumer culture is what? Culture which is expressed through The choices people make about what they buy. For example, buying a particular brand of goods to express your status
What is culture The way of life of a particular society or social group.
What is behaviour Behaviour is the way that people act, This is linked to the way people act out norms
What are subcultures Subcultures Are a group within The large culture in society that have formed different beliefs and values to the rest of society.
What is cultural relativism The idea that cultural values norms and behaviour may be vary according to different societies as a result people must be aware that they see other cultures from their own perspective
Define high culture and give examples of it How culture is the artistic and entertainment form that are most generally associated with the most educated people within Society for example going to the Opera listen to classical music or going to the theatre
What is cultural diversity Exploring examples of Culture from various Society
Explain what cultural hybridtys This is a new form of Culture that is created from combining two or more forms of culture
What is popular culture. The main form of Culture that is popular with the majority on massive this is often associated to with those who are not highly educated for example pop music or pop up
What is global culture This is a new form of Culture that is emergency due to the increase in communication and connection between people all over the the world I'm just with flecks in large scale of shàred way of life
Mass culture This is due to large scale production larger and larger number of people shirt culture ideas
Cultural capital The idea that some people possess the appropriate norms and values and behaviour which lead to economic success and rewards
Customs They are traditional forms of behaviour associated with particular social occasions.
What is meant by socialisation It is the process in which we learnt acceptable cultural beliefs and behaviour it is also broken up into two different section primary and secondary
What is Primary socialisation This refers to the time in which we first learn the norms and values with the basic behaviours at this time we also learn gender socialisation this is where we are taught the acceptable behaviour for our gender
What is secondary socialisation This is socialisation that is taught after the family and this is illustration continues throughout life it includes institutions such as education the media religion and your peers
Define identity This is the way we see ourselves and others see us
Explain the idea of meritocracy Meritocracy is the idea that within Society you are awarded based on your memerits and hard work meaning that the harder you work the more achievements you make meaning the more you move within the social ladder this is a functionalist approach on the society
What is meant when it is said that sociologists are subjective It means that they are personal in the research and they hold their own views
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