Soviet Expansion in Eastern Europe

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Satellite States The 6 million troops of Stalin had remained in Europe in 1946, despite USA and UK moving theirs out. Stalin held elections in the EE (Eastern European) countries as agreed in Yalta but rigged them - Bulgaria, Albania, Poland, Romania and Hungary. By May 1948, all EE countries were Communist
Cominform, 1947 Stalin set it up to be an alliance of Communist countries - probably a response to Marshall Aid. Aimed to spread Stalin's ideas - helped him to tighten his hold on his Commie allies as it restricted access to the West. Marshall Tito of Yugoslavia refused to submit to Stalin and was cut off from help but remained Commie.
Comecon, 1949 Set up by Stalin to co-ordinate production and trade of the EE countries. Like an early Commie version of the European Economic Community (EEC) but was heavily biased to USSR than other members.