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Includes sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks

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What are the 3 types of rocks? Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic
Define Intrusive Rocks that are underground/inside earth (slow cooling and big grains)
Define Extrusive Cooled on earth's surface (fast cooling, holes, and small grains)
What are the characteristics of Sedimentary rocks? Biochemical, clastic, and chemical
Define Granitic Light colored
Define Basaltic Dark colored
Define Chemical Made out of solution (evaporated liquid)
What characteristics do Igneous rocks have? Intrusive, granitic, extrusive, basaltic
Define Biochemical A rock that has once living things in it
Define Clastic A rock that's made of other rocks
What are characteristics of Metamorphic rocks? Foliated and Non-foliated
Define Foliated Layers of fragments and minerals in a rock
Define Non-foliated No layers
What are compacting and cementing? Compacting- Squeezing sediments together Cementing- Liquid is between sediments and crystallizes
How do you change a sedimentary rock into a metamorphic rock? Heat and pressure
How do you change a metamorphic rock into a igneous rock and what does it turn into? By using heat and it turns into magma/lava
How do you change a igneous rock into sediments and what type of rock is that? Weather and erode and it turns into sedimentary rocks
How do you change a sedimentary (sediments) rock into a igneous rock (magma/lava)? Melting
Can a rock change back into itself? Yes
How do you turn a Igneous rock (magma/lava) into a metamorphic rock? Heat and pressure
How do you turn a metamorphic rock into a sedimentary rock (sediments) Weathering and eroding
Is there a start or end to the rock cycle? No
What igneous rock cools slowly? Granite
What is the term for a rock fragment present in a sedimentary rock? Clast
Light colored minerals, like quartz, contain greater amounts of _______ Silica
Why don't crystals form in volcanic glass? The lava cools too quickly
What rock contains the hard remains of marine organism made from minerals in seawater? Limestone
Basalt is an example of _____ Extrusive igneous rock
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