US policy on EE: Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan

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The Truman Doctrine, 1947 Truman believed it would 'support all free people who are resisting attempted subjugation' - meant that USA would not be isolationist and wanted to contain Communism, not push it back. USA provided military and economic support to Greece and Turkey. Clearly highlighted they were in a 'cold war' - political hostility without armed conflict.
Marshall Aid, 1947 Truman thought that poverty meant Communism would rise - wanted to improve Europe to also help trade links with the USA and Europe due to WW2. Secretary of State, George Marshall had the idea: to stop spread of communism and help economies of Europe recover eventually for American exports. Gave billions of $s but only 16 Erpn countries accepted and Stalin refused it and banned EE.
Communist takeover in Czechoslovakia, 1948 Only EE country to consider it as weren't fully part of Stalin's 'eastern bloc' of countries - Commies not totally in control. Spring of 1948, looked hopeful for those in favour of Marshall Aid. But Commies marched and protested - non-commie ministers resigned, Frgn Mnstr Jan Masaryk died suspiciously and only Commies could stand for election - Czhslva was part of Stalin's bloc.
Greece Greece seemed to be the next country to be Commie - had a civil war between royalists and Commies. After WW2, the royalists had managed to bring back the king with British help but came under attack via Commies in 1947. Opened Truman's foreign policy - Truman Doctrine which helped countries like Greece under threat. Communists were defeated in Greece in 1949.