Parts of a Micrscope

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Eyepiece or Ocular lense The lense you look into, magnifies by about 10x
coarse adjustment knob The first knob you use to focus on a specimen. Moves the stage up or down
Fine Adjustment knob Used to sharpen an image under low and medium power. Only knob needed with high power lense
Revolving Nosepiece The three objective lenses are mounted on. Rotate to select either low, medium or high power lense
Objecitive Lenses Three lenses that magnify the specimen. Low 4x, medium 10x ad high 40x
Stage Where the slide is placed for magnification
Stage Clips Holds the slide in place on the stage
Diaphragm Uses different sized holes to project different amounts of light on the specimen for magnification.
Lamp Projects light that passes through the specimen on the stage
Arm Used to carry the microscope and holds the tube in place
Base Provides and flat and stable platform for the microscope
Tube Separates the ocular lens form the objective lenses for proper magnification
Condenser Lense Lens under the stage helps focus light on top of the stage where the specimen is
Field of View The circular area that is enlarged
Magnification How much a specimen is enlarged. Ocular lens + low 4, medium 10 or high 40 = Total magnification
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