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this is my film magazine analysis

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Masthead - The masthead is at the top of the cover which is conventional. the typography for the masthead is different from the normal masthead font as it has flames coming out from the writing. this connotes what the main story is going to be about.
Headline - The headline is in bold white writing which contrasts with the dark colours. This will make the title stand out from the poster.
Main Image - The main image is of the main character of the film. This connotes what is going to be inside the magazine as the main article. Also it is a pose of him cracking his knuckles which shows that he is tough and fearless.
Buzzword - There is a buzzword on the cover saying 'First Look!' This will hook audiences in to the magazine as they would want to be one of the first to know about the new HellBoy 2 film.
Plugs - These are the sub stories that are in the magazine. They have also put what is going to be in the stories to attract the audience more.
Pull Quote - The word 'SEX' is a pull quote as it is bolder than the rest of the text. This will make people interested in the story as stereotypical men would want to know anything about sex.
Colour - The colours are very dark and with colours of red, black and white writing. The white writing contrast with all of the dark colours in the background. The masthead and the main character is in red. This connotes fire and danger that is going to happen in the film and also shows that Hellboy 2 is the main article in this magazine.
Shot - There is a medium close up of the main image which shows that he is angry and it shows that he is cracking his knuckles.
Kicker - The kickers in this magazine are: Indy IV, The Hobbit, Natalie, Scarlett and There Will Be Blood. These quotes are bolder than the other text as it is giving the audience as quick
Target Audience - The target audience for this magazine would be men aged 16-34 as people older read books more than magazines and people younger will be interested in comics more than informational magazines. I think women would be more interested in 'heat' or 'OK' magazines. It will be for people in the A-D category as it is too expensive for people in the E category.
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