Empire 4 Review Analysis

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A2 Media Task 6

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Empire 4 Review Analysis
  1. Each review is short and quick, without wasting too much time delving into plot points and character traits etc. They focus on the broader subjects associated to each particular movie. These shorter reviews serve as a ‘quick-fire’ review where the editor will have a strong opinion on the film and not spend a lot of time on the fence arguing the pros and cons.
    1. The language used within these short reviews is very informal. The editor does not want his readers to switch off their brains because of the language he is using. Therefore, he keeps things simplistic yet with a professional edge to them. He almost always ends each short review with a closing sentence, "Like it or not, Six has contributed something fresh and demanded to pop culture." Language such as "fresh" and "demanded" show the editors personal views.
    2. Quickly and promptly informs the reader that the reviews they are about to read are for movies currently being shown in the cinemas and are not movies readily available on DVD and Blu-Ray at that current time.
      1. By having four shorter reviews on one page the reader can quickly determine a judgment on whether to see these smaller releases without having to read an essay-style review on each one. Which would become tedious for the reader and ultimately make them stop reading.
        1. Editors tend to include ‘Did you know?’ sections during review pages to keep the reader engaged and teach them new things which they didn’t already know about their favourite movie stars. And, if they succeed in teaching them something new, they could also subliminally persuade them to purchase a subscription to the magazine.
          1. By neatly and clearly separating each review into four individual sections on the page, Empire have eliminated the unnecessary factor of confusion which can make most readers stop reading. We can clearly see the name of each film, the release date, age certificate, runtime, director and cast swiftly followed by the review itself. Precise information handouts like these please readers and ultimately persuade them to continue reading and/or purchase a subscription.
            1. The structure of these reviews mimick the style of longer reviews. However, these reviews are forced to be more precise. Every word is vital is portraying the editors feelings of said movie. The editor portrays his feelings without delving too deep into unnecessary plot points and then neatly rounds it off with a closing sentence which sums up his general feelings towards the movie.
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