27 admenments

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27 amendments

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1st Amendment freedom of speech, press, Assembly, Petition, and religion
2nd Amendment right to bear arms
3rd Amendment no quartering of soldiers
4th Amendment no illegal search and seizure/exclusionary rule
5th Amendment right to remain silent, no double jeopardy, eminent domain, criminal due process
6th Amendment right to counsel (attorney), fair and speedy trial
7th Amendment jury trial in civil cases
8th Amendment no cruel or unusual punishment/no excessive
9th Amendment rights of the people (privacy, right to associate, etc.)
10th Amendment reversed power-powers to the state governments
11th Amendment limit lawsuits against us government
12th Amendment separate election for president/vp
13th Amendment abolition of slavery
14th Amendment due process, equal protection clause, incorporation
15th Amendment cannot prevent voting based on race, creed, previous condition of servitude
16th Amendment created income tax
17th Amendment direct election of senators
18th Amendment prohibition
19th Amendment woman's suffrage
20th Amendment lame duck election (date moved from march to January)
21st Amendment repeal of 18th Amendment
22nd Amendment limits president to two terms in office (10 years total)
23rd Amendment 3 electoral votes given to Washington D.C.
24th Amendment Abolition of poll taxes
25th Amendment line of succession for president/ presidential disability procedures
26th Amendment 18 to 21 years old given the right to vote
27th Amendment limits congressional pay raises
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