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Government Chapter 7 Flashcards

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interest group organization that seeks to achieve goals by influencing government decision making
social capital the many ways in which our lives are improved by social connections
pluralist theory a theory that holds that policy making is a competition among diverse interest groups that ensure the representation of individual interests
elite theory a theory that holds that a group of wealthy, educated individuals wields most political power
political action committee (PAC) entity whose specific goal is to raise and spend money to influence the outcome of elections
solidary incentive motivation to join an interest group based on the companionship and the satisfaction derived from socializing with others that it offers
purposive incentive motivation to join an interest group based on the belief in the group’s cause from an ideological or a moral standpoint
economic incentive motivation to join an interest group because the group works for policies that will provide members with material benefits
umbrella organizations interest groups that represent collective groups of industries or corporations
public employee unions labor organizations comprising federal, state, and municipal workers, including police officers and teachers
collective goods outcomes shared by the general public; also called public goods
free rider problem the phenomenon of someone deriving benefit from others’ actions
rational choice theory the idea that from an economic perspective it is not rational for people to participate in collective action when they can secure the collective good without participating
iron triangle the interaction of mutual interests among members of Congress, executive agencies, and organized interests during policy making
climate control the practice of using public outreach to build favorable public opinion of an organization
electioneering working to influence the elections of candidates who support the organization’s issues
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