Early Opera Terms

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Terms for Early Baroque Opera

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Recitative Invented to state the mundane idea of the narrative through singing and provide easier transitions in Opera. Style of speech song Thought to be imitating ancient Greek epic poetry recitation. Basso continuo holds while voice moves in speech-like patterns
Opera sung drama Soloists, orchestra, chorus, ballet, and mythical theme Libretto Original for aristocracy, later for the public 1st public opera house was in Venice 1637
Intermedio 16 c. Musical interludes between acts of a play Chorus, soloist, instrumental ensemble Mythical theme Mostly found in Italy
Madrigal Uses contrasting voice groups to suggest dialogue Has narrative Leads to Dialogue in Opera setting
Pastoral Drama A play in verse with music and songs interspersed Popular in Italian courts of the 16. c Influences opera through mythological characters and song and
Greek Tragedy Resurrected Greek Plays Choruses composed for Greek play Commenting on action on stage Emotional content very important
Florentine Camerata (1570’s) Informal academy of scholars that were interested in Roman and Greek life, music, art, science, etc…. Commissioned performances (new music) that they thought reflected that of the Greek tragedies and music thought polyphony was old school and wanted to usher in monody WOULDN'T HAVE OPERA WITHOUT THEM
Monody Works for solo voice and maybe continuo
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