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Music history terms exam 3

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Cori spezzati divided choirs, polychoral style (2, 3, 4, 5 choirs)
Ritornello Return to a theme, return of this theme throughout the piece ( ritornello/ solo/ ritornello/ etc...) Can be a hint of a theme not the entire theme.
Concertato Style 17 c. works combining voice and instruments. However, voices and instruments have independent parts
Intermedio 1. Musical interludes between acts of a play 2. Chorus, soloist, instrumental ensemble 3. Mythical theme
Madrigal (in context to early opera) 1.Uses contrasting voices groups to suggest dialogue. 2. Has a narrative 3. Leads to dialogue in opera setting
Pastoral Drama 1. A play in verse with music and songs interspersed 2. Influences opera through its mythological characters and uses of music and dance
Greek Tragedy 1. Choruses composed for Greek play 2. Emotional content important
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