Unit 5 - Chemistry

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Alkali Metals Group 1 on the periodic table.
Alkaline Earth Metals Group 2 on the Periodic Table
Anion A negative ion that results from gaining electrons.
Atomic Radius Half the distance between two nuclei of the same element when bonded together. (i.e. how big an atom is.)
What did Cannizzaro do? Determined the atomic weight of 60 elements elements and the value for Avogadro's Number.
Cation Radii A positive ion that results from losing electrons.
Electron Affinity Energy released when another electron is added to an atom.
Electronegativity Pull an atom has on the shared electrons in a bond with another atom.
Halogens Group 17 on the Periodic Table
Ion A group of atoms that carries an electric charge.
Ionization Energy Energy required to remove the outermost electron from an atom.
What did Mendeleev do? Created a Periodic Table of 63 elements ordered by atomic number. He also predicted numerous elements.
Metalloids Elements with properties intermediate between those of metals and sold nonmetals.
What did Moseley do? He discovered that the elements should be arranged by atomic number instead of atomic mass.
Noble Gases Group 0 on the Periodic Table.
Periodic Table An arrangement of elements in order of increasing atomic numbers.
Periodic Law The properties of elements are periodic functions of their atomic numbers. (i.e. properties of elements appear in periodic patterns.)
Periodicity Predictable patterns and trends on the periodic table.
Transition Metals Groups 3-12 on the Periodic Table; 38 elements with valence electrons in more than 1 shell.
Valance Electrons Electrons on the outermost energy level of an atom.
Periods Rows on the Periodic Table.
Groups Columns on the Periodic Table.
Atomic Number Number of protons in an atom.
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