Test 3, Medina, History of chairs

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History of chairs test 3, 2015 fall

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Le Corbusier, Modulor Man, 1920s International Style
Le Corbusier and Perriand "Grand Comfort" Chair 1929 International Style
Le Corbusier and Perriand Chaise 1929 International Style
Le corbusier, Villa Savoye, Poissy France 1930 International style
Le Corbusier Villa Savoye, Poissy France 1930 International Style
Preliminary Course Vorkus, 1919-25 Weimar Bauhaus
Kandinsky Bauhaus questionnaire 1919-1925 Weimer Bauhaus
Walter Gropius Bauhaus Dessau 1925
Breuer Cesca Chair 1928 Dessau Bauhaus
Brandt Kandem lamp 1928 Dessau Bausaus
Bayer Universal type Dessau Bausaus 1928
Mies German Pavilion Barcelona 1929 International Style
Mies Farnsworth House Illinois 1950 International Style
Mies and Reich Barcelona chair 1929 International Style
Mies Day bed 1940 International Style
Rietveld The Schroder House Utrecht 1924 De Stijl
Rietveld Red/Blue Chair 1918 De Stijl
Wegner The Teak Chair 1949 Scandinavian Design
Kaare Klint and Esben Klint hanging lamps in laminated paper 1947 Scandinavian Design
Aalto Savory glass vases 1937 Scandinavian Design
Aalto Paimio chair 1932 Scandinavian Design
Aalto Viipuri Library stools 1935 Scandinavian Design
Dessau Bauhaus Production design form follows function development and testing of prototypes Product semantics craft design classes like labs use of questionarre
Le Corbusier tool object five points to architecture confrontations to furniture modular man collaboration with Perriand the house is a machine for living
Mies less is more minimalism collaboration of Lilly Riech use of a floating plan skin and bones architechture
De Stijl Influenced by schoemakers red, yellow, blue point to line to plane des fomula horizontal with the moment of earth pure style influence of piet mandrain yellow = orgin extension
Alvar Aalto references to vernaculars humanistic rationalism spirit of material se of bent laminated wood process design use of hygge
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