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proportionate prəˈpɔːʃənət Increasing costs resulted in proportionate increases in prices. The number of accidents is proportionate to the increased volume of traffic.
AWARE knowing or realizing something He was well aware of the problem. Were you aware that something was wrong?
I'll do the job I dislike, provided that the pay is good. We'll go AS LONG AS the weather is good. САМО АКО
SET OUT to begin a job, task, etc. with a particular aim or goal She set out to learn Japanese. She set out to break the world record. They succeeded in what they set out to do.
SEED one of the best players in a competition. The seeds are given a position in a list to try and make sure that they do not play each other in the early parts of the competition The top seed won comfortably. the number one seed тенис sl. играч, определен във висока категория
RANK чин, ранг, сан, звание 3. класа, разред, категория
RETAIN TO KEEP Top seed Djokovich retained the Shanghai title by edging the 6th seed Del Potro.
SURPASS səˈpɑːs Its success has surpassed all expectations. she had surpassed herself(= done better than her own high standards). 1. надвишавам, превишавам, надминавам, надхвърлям 2. превъзхождам
MARGIN ˈmɑːdʒɪn the amount of time, or number of votes, etc. by which somebody wins something He won by a narrow margin. She beat the other runners by a margin of ten seconds. Members voted by a margin of 7–1 to become a public limited company.
EDGE to surpass or beat by a small margin The runner edged his opponent out at the last moment.
He looked firmly in control. firmly - зраво, солидно
They wanted to win so BADLY. I miss her BADLY. BADLY много
The match was really CLOSE. ОСПОРВАН
GRACIOUS ˈɡreɪʃəs ИЗИСКАН,ИЗТЪНЧЕН,kind, polite and generous, especially to somebody of a lower social position a gracious lady a gracious smile Lady Caroline was gracious enough to accept our invitation.
Djokovich was equally gracious in victory after securing his 15th title. You are a great person even a better player.
EVENLY ˈiːvnli in a smooth, regular or equal way Make sure the paint covers the surface evenly. She was fast asleep, breathing evenly.
You deserve this trophy equally. It's a really bad loss for me now.
FANCY If you fancy really getting away from it all Rio is the place for you. to want something or want to do something SYNONYM feel like fancy something Fancy a drink? I fancied a change of scene. She didn't fancy (= did not like) the idea of going home in the dark. fancy doing something Do you fancy going out this evening?
lighthouse ['laithaus] n фар, маяк
This is a place where time seems to stand still, so you have to learn to slow down. Just watch the waves breaking and chill out.
chill out (informal) They sometimes meet up to chill out and watch a movie. Sit down and chill out! to spend time relaxing; to relax and stop feeling angry or nervous about something
cobbled ADJECTIVE ˈkɒbld ; ˈkɑːbld (of streets and roads) having a surface that is made of cobbles
fragrant ADJECTIVE ˈfreɪɡrənt ; ˈfreɪɡrənt having a pleasant smell fragrant herbs/flowers/oils The air was fragrant with scents from the sea and the hills. Swallows swooped through the fragrant evening air. благо) уханен, ароматичен, ароматен
WANDER wɒndə(r) ; ˈwɑːndər 1 [intransitive, transitive] to walk slowly around or to a place, often without any particular sense of purpose or direction + adverb/preposition She wandered aimlessly around the streets. We wandered back towards the car. wander something The child was found wandering the streets alone.
hustle ˈhʌsl ; hustle somebody + adverb/preposition to make somebody move quickly by pushing them in a rough aggressive way He grabbed her arm and hustled her out of the room.
bustle ['bʌsl] I. 1. раздвижвам се. разшаввам се, тичам/щъкам нагоре-надолу суетя се, бързам (и с about) to BUSTLE in and out влизам-излизам 2. подканвам някого да бърза don't BUSTLE me нe ми давай зор. нe ми вади душата II. n голяма оживление, суетня, шетня, блъсканица. суматоха
It is the ideal place to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. ...and just allow yourself to unwind in the peace and quiet.
unwind ˌʌnˈwaɪnd ; ˌ unwound, unwound ˌʌnˈwaʊnd ; 2. разг. отпускам се, успокоявам се to stop worrying or thinking about problems and start to relax
concern [kən'sə:n] I. 1. отнасям се до, касая се за, засягам as CONCERNs... що се отнася до... as far as I am CONCERNed що се отнася до мен to all whom it may CONCERN канц. да послужи, където трябва, до всички, за които може да се отнася
as far as I am CONCERNed що се отнася до мен
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