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A type of online advertising. Pay-per-click
Why might pop-up adverts be annoying to internet users? Pop-up adverts are annoying because they distract the user from what they are doing.
Online 'commerce' services involve buying, selling and money services. Give examples of 'commerce' services. retail sales e.g. Tesco, Currys online auction websites e.g. eBay internet banking
Give examples of online 'government' services. e-voting renewing car tax online tax returns
Give examples of online 'communication' services. email instant messaging (IM) social networking e.g. Facebook
Give examples of online 'real-time information' services. weather forecast train timetables traffic reports
Give examples of online 'education' services. online learning e.g. BBC Bitesize online training
Give examples of online 'entertainment' services. online gaming catch-up TV e.g. BBC iPlayer online radio players
Give examples of online 'business' services. video conferencing e.g. Skype (VoIP) collaborative working
Give examples of online 'download' services. music downloads film downloads software downloads e.g. Word
Which online service is known to be like a virtual classroom? Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)
What is compression also known as? Zipping
What happens to files that have been compressed? The file size reduces (gets smaller).
What is a benefit of compression? Saves space on the hard drive.
Different types of data.
Data is saved on external servers instead of the user's hard drive. What is this? Cloud storage (part of Cloud computing)
What is used to access 'cloud storage' or 'online software'? web browser or web app
What is a benefit of using online software? Online software is automatically backed-up.
What is collaborative working online? Collaborative working online means people working together over the internet. People can work on the same Word document even if they are in different countries.
Processors embedded into everyday life e.g. washing machine, GPS in a car. Ubiquitous computing
These chips are a way to embed processors into everyday objects. Radio Frequency Identification chips (RFID)
Name ways information can be shared online through social media. microblogging e.g. Twitter blog e.g. online diary chatroom
What is a benefit of social networking? A benefit of social networking is making new friends. A benefit of social networking is connecting with people who like the same things.
What are these? Emoticons - they are icons that represent emotions.
Give an example of bad 'netiquette'. WRITING IN CAPITALS (as it means shouting)
What is VoIP? Voice over Internet Protocol e.g. FaceTime, Skype, Facebook Messenger video calls
What is a benefit of using VoIP to talk to someone in a different country. Uses an internet connection, so there are no extra costs. Unlike paying per minute for a phone call.
What is the name given to an image you have chosen to represent yourself on a social media profile. Avatar
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