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Elision The omission of a sound or syllable when speaking. E.G. Removed -> Remov'd
Borrowing/Loan word A word taken from another language, person, or source. E.G. Karaoke
Obsolete When a word is no longer in current use. E.G. Kench - Meaning "to laugh loudly"
Archaic When a word is considered "old fashioned" E.G. Beastly
Conversion When a word's function changes over time. E.G. Text (noun) -> To text
Affixation/Derivation Adding prefixes and suffixes to make new words. E.G. Appear -> Disappear
Backformation Removing part of a word to make a new word. E.G. Babysitter -> Babysit
Compounding Making a new word by joining two full words together. E.G. Note + Book -> Notebook
Blending A word formed from parts of two or more other words. E.G. Bromance
Acronym An abbreviation said as a whole word E.G. SCUBA
Initialism An abbreviation of a word, where the individual letters are said separately. E.G. O-M-G
Pejoration When a word's semantic meaning worsens over time E.G. Awful (which used to mean full of awe)
Amelioration When a word's semantic meaning betters over time E.G. Naughty (which used to mean wicked or evil)
Specialisation/Semantic Narrowing When a word takes on a narrower semantic meaning over time. E.G. Girl (which used to refer to any young person)
Generalisation/Semantic Broadening When a word takes on a broader semantic meaning over time. E.G. Cookie (which can now refer to online cookies)
Eponym When a word is derived from someone's name E.G. Atlas (like the Greek god)
Standardisation When conventional rules of a language are established and maintained
Lingua Franca A language which acts as a common tongue
Connotation Association of what we think of when we hear a word
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