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What Emulsions are How Emulsions work What Emulsifiers are How Emulsifiers work

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What doesn't dissolve in water? Oil
What are Emulsions? They are thicker than both oil and water and have many uses.
What are the pro's of using emulsions? The provide a better texture, coating ability and appearance.
How are Emulsions made? By making the oil very small droplets which can then spread out in the water to produce and emulsion.
What is an Emulsifier? Chemicals within the emulsion that stop the oil and the water from separating out into layers.
What is a Hydrophilic head? The part of an emulsifier that is attracted to water
What part of the emulsifier that repels water and 'prefers' oil? The Hydrophobic tail.
How does an emulsifing molecule work? By surrounding the tiny oil droplets and stops them from joining together which maintains the emulsion.
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