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Landfill is a site.
What are components of a landfill? 1. Liner 2. Leachate Collection System 3. Gas trench and potential collection 4. Monitoring system 5. Daily cover 6. Final cover
Landfill before operation
Landfill after closing
Engineering consideration of designing landfill 1. Siting regulation, EJ issues 2. Soil conditions 3. Climate conditions-heavy precipitation 4. Surface water hydrology-runoff 5. Geological conditions 6. Easy access, haul distance 7. potential ultimate uses
Siting considerations airport
Anaerobic degrdation
Landfill gas
What is landfill leachate? Leachate is a liquid that has passed through or emerged from landfill waste. Primary and Secondary leachate
Leachate management 1. Hazardous waste 2. biological treatment, aerobic, anaerobic, nitrification, denitrification 3. chemical treatment 4. physical evaporation 5. Leachate recycling
Phases of landfill life phase I phase II phase III phase IV phase V
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Baigal Tsolmonba
Baigal Tsolmonba
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