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Mass Stuff inside of you
gravity pulls you to earth so you don't float up into space
weight =mass (kg)x gravity (N/kg)
photosynthisis water + carbon dioxide light ----------------------------- chlorophyll oxygen and glucose
Spring investigation Measure the spring at the start. add the weight and measure the difference in the length of spring. see how far the spring has stretched.
Friction Two surfaces rubbing together. Slows things down.
balanced and unbalanced forces Balanced forces= when the two forces pushing on the object are equal -this can ether cause an object not to move or move at a non-changing pace. Unbalanced for= When one of the forces pushing on the object is stronger than the other one - this causes the object to move - forces can move in any direction
Forces - Measured in Newtons with a newton meter - forces can change the speed, direction or shape of an object
leaf starch test Kill the leaf: - put it in boiling water -put in a test tube full of alcohol - put the test tube with leaf in into the boiling water - now the leaf is put on a white tile Testing: - add a few drops of iodine - if the iodine changes from brown to blue- black then starch is present.
beuret Tests for protein. it starts off blue but if there is protein present it changes to purple. - Food is crushed up then beuret is added
Benedict solution -Test for sugar -Foo din test tube heated up with solution - If sugar is not present it remains blue. I f present then red is the most and yellow is sort of. Orange is quite a lot..
iodine Test for starch - if present the iodine when dropped on the food will change from brown to blue- black
Fat food is rubbed on grease paper and if a transparent greasy smudge appears then fat is present.
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