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What is anti-diuretic hormone? It is the hormone that controls water concentration in the body by changing how permeable to water the collecting duct nephrons in the kidney are are
What is the function of the bladder? Where urine is held until excretion
What and where is the bowman's capsule? located in the kidney, it is the 'cup shaped' bit at the start of the nephron where ultra filtration occurs (no red blood cells or proteins)
What is the collecting duct? Collecting duct is located in liver nephrons, it is the tube like structure where water is reabsorbed
What are the convoluted tubules? two bits of the nephron (kidney) which are close to a capillary (in the proximal convoluted tubule necessary glucose is reabsorbed)
what is Glomerular filtrate? what does it consist of? Liquid (in bowman's capsule) produced by ultra-filtration; consists of glucose, water,mineral ions (eg:sodium), hormones, vitamins and urea. blood cells and proteins cant get through because they are too big
What is the glomerus? loads of capillaries that work with the bowman's capsule (provides blood to be filtered)
what is the hypothalamus and where is it? hypothalamus is located in the brain, it monitors the water content of the blood- tells pituitary glad to secrete ADH
What is the loop of Henle? tis the bit of the nephron which goes slightly into the medulla of the kidney
what is a nephron? tiny bit of the kidney (tubule) where ultra-filtration and re-absorbtion take place- creates urine
what is osmoregulation? regulation of the water content/concentration in the blood
what is selective re-absorption? the absorption of certain things than others, like water in the collecting duct
what are ureters? they are tubes that connect the kidneys to the bladder
what is the composition of urine? water, urea and salts
what are the components of the urinary system kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra
What is the effect of ADH on the collecting duct the secretion of ADH makes the collecting duct more permeable to water and so it re absorbs more water
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