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Caeser Chipher Substitution Algorithm
Drive by download visiting a website that automatically makes your computer download from the site.
trojan you download a program that looks legit -- disguised or embedded in a legitimate program; malware
rootkit system-level kernels which modify system operations files; malware
Hot site cold site warm site Hot site – alternate processing site; you need it right away Cold site – 1 week to 2 wks Warm site – couple days to a week
Cryptography encrypting things
cryptanalysis analyzing; try to break an algorithm, decrypting
AES cipher standard Advanced Encrypting Standard - Rijndael
2 types of hypervisor (virtualization) bare-metal (hypervisor has direct access to hardware resource and does not need prior OS installation) and hosted (requires pre-installed OS; runs as a file on your main system)
SNMP (simple management protocol) layer 7 Application layer; monitors and repairs devices (printers, servers, routers, switches, etc…) on network: port 161 and 162
Password cracking software Cain and Abel; Light crack; John the Ripper
In order to identify abnormal traffic, establish a baseline False positive – IDS raises an alert but there is nothing False negative – something got in and it doesn’t tell you IDS responses – no response, false positive, false negative, true positive, true negative Viruses
EAL (Evaluation Assurance Level) range 1 (least secure) to 7 (most secure) 1 only tested for functions -> 7 verified design and tested - common criteria
OVAL open vulnerability assessment language (XML format)
Security Labels mandatory access control
14. Vulnerability scanner ex nessus, saint, gfi landguard, retina Vulnerability scanner determines bad software, misconfigured software, open ports, weakness, etc (scans for vulnerabilities) Passive. Uses databases.
stateful keeps track of the conversation; firewall examines header and content; 3 way handshake communication; session
Exposure Factor percentage of the loss (annual loss expectancy) ALE=SLE x ARO (single loss expectancy) SLE=EF x AV
key storage hardware storage (in your token) and software storage (on your computer)
4 classes of fire extinguishers 1. (A- “ash”)Combustibles 2. (B- “boiling”)Liquids 3. (C-”current”)Electrical 4. (D-”dent”)Metals
Protect against EMI and RFI... by shielding ->tempest
Social Engineering Phishing, whaling, etc Mitigate social engineering by training and education
RISK reduce, mitigate, accept, transfer it, avoid (can’t reject or eliminate) Risk = Asset value x threat x vulnerability
Qualitative risk analysis vs Quantitative risk analysis opinion based & subjective vs cost based & objective
Exclusive OR – same values = 0; different values = 1 ● XOR ● used with one-time pad to hash the message before encryption
Procedures and guidelines make up a policy Procedures you have to follow and if you don’t, something bad will happen. Guidelines are recommendations
3 types of Policy regulatory, compulsory, mandatory
Chain of evidence (custody)– chain does not end till it’s in court
Change Control get approved and tested before implementation; goal is to keep track of change and maintain your security posture
Service level agreements (SLA) agreement with people who provide us services; between you and vendor
3DES encrypts 3 times 3DES has a key size for 2 keys 112, 3 keys size 168 for 3DES
How many parity bits are associated with 3DES? 24 parity bits (3keys x 8 bits = 24)
Methods to provide redundancy in power – UPS, generator, surge protector, voltage regulator, add. Power supply
Reciprocal agreement either of you will back the other up to reduce $$$ and resources
BIA how much impact will something have on your business and how can we circumvent that; prioritizing for business continuity plan and critical functions within that business
RAID levels ● 0 is striping across multiple with no parity; ● 1 does mirroring and everything else does striping; ● 3 is a dedicated level; ● 5 is striping with parity (5 uses two parity disks)
LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol Port 389 ; secure LDAP - 636
Best Evidence Secondary Evidence B: Original Document S: Copy or rumor; hearsay Primary, secondary, real, opinion.
Penetration (pen) testing 3rd party tester are best because there is no bias and they are not tied to the security (clean look and black box). They can also test your response inside the organization. Active. Actively trying to get into the system.
Bastion Host server located in the DMZ that is responsible for it protection
Residual data left over data. Ex: someone gave you a used computer and stuff was left on HD. Form of leakage.
fault tolerant through proper backups; redundancy; not relying on single points of failure so it doesn’t stop business
Difference between PAT and NAT NAT is one to one and PAT is one to many
Ways to detect employee fraud auditing. job rotation and mandatory vacations
biometric error rates type 1 is false 'rejection rate'; type 2 is false 'acceptance' rate
weakness vulnerability
Physical Access access control biggest problem and greatest risk
password hacking brute force, dictionary, rainbow tables, guessing
difference between Virus and Worm Virus needs a user and Worm can self replicate
Purpose of hashing algorithm integrity
spear phishing and pharming are... social engineering
stateless firewall examines header and packet
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