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Uses and Gratification of the Product (UGT) What is it? Uses and Gratification Theory the is an approach to understanding of why the audience actively seek out specific media to satisfy a need. An approach to understand mass communication. This focuses on "what people do with media".
What does it discuss? UGT discuses why people use certain medias, how it meets what they want/ the purpose for their desires to achieve gratification (such as: enhancing their knowledge; social, to relax, diversion or escape. It suggests that the audience are not passive and instead they have power of the media and assume a active role in incorporating the media in their lives.
What does the audience want from the product? From research, the 5 main purposes of any product are: to be informed or educated Identify with the characters of the situation in the media enviroment simple entertainment escape from stress of daily life social interaction
What are the audience uses and gratification of my product? My product, a romance film, would definitely fulfil one of the five main purposes from the card above. In my opinion, the main purpose of my product would be to entertain and maybe be an escape from the stress of daily life.
Romance Film A romance film is not particularly informative. Generally speaking, films are used as a form of entertainment, to be able to emerge themselves into the character or role of the film as if to leave the stresses of life behind. The audience has a response to the film, of which each reacts differently. The information that the audience takes from the media is their own discern and then incorporate this into their own lives at their own .
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