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What is analogue? Give some examples. An older and now outdated system of broadcasting. E.G. Vinyl Records, Cassette Tapes.
What is digital? Give some examples. The current way/system of broadcast. E.G. Podcast, E-Books, DVD, Digital TV Broadcast.
Name the 5 media sectors. Audio, Websites, Digital Games, Publishing, Moving Image (Film/TV/Video).
What is pre-production? Give some examples. Its what you do before the product is made. E.G. Designing.
What is production? Give some examples. The making of the actual product. E.G. Filming.
What is post-production? Give some examples. Bringing all the elements together. E.G. Editing The Footage.
What is distribution? Give some examples. Making the product acssesable. E.G. Advertising The Product Via Posters.
What is exhibition/consumption? Give some examples. Viewing the finished product. E.G. Watching A Film In The Cinema.
What is a platform? Give some examples. It describes what media products distributed through. E.G. DVD, Radio Broadcasts, Web Pages, Tv Broadcasts.
What is a device? Give some examples. Its a collective term to describe technological objects. E.G. Laptops, PC, MP3 Players, Mobile Phones, Tablets.
Whats the difference between a device and a platform? A device is the thing you use the product on and a platform is a something the product is distibuted on.
DVD Platform
Laptops Device
Blu-rays Platform
Games Console Device
Tablet/Handheld Devices Device
Web Pages Platform
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