An Inspector Calls Key Quotes

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Mr Birling "-We're respectable citizens, not dangerous criminals."
Mr Birling "-A man has to make his own way—has to look after himself—"
Mr Birling "-There’ll be peace and prosperity"
Mr. Birling "-community and all that nonsense"
Mrs. Birling "-Girls of that class."
Mrs. Birling "-I blame the young man"
Mrs. Birling "-I did nothing I’m ashamed of."
Mrs. Birling "-I didn’t like her manner"
Gerald Croft "-I don’t come into this suicide business."
Gerald Croft "-What about this ring?" (to Sheila)
Gerald Croft "- She was very pretty"
Gerald Croft "- I felt sorry for her" (Eva Smith)
Eric "-You're not the kind of father a chap could go to when he's in trouble."
Eric "-You killed her..."
Eric "-We helped to kill her"
Eric "-You're pretending as if nothing's happened..."
Sheila "- I felt rotten about it."
Sheila "-She was very pretty"
Sheila "-I can't help thinking about this girl"
Sheila "-We’ve no excuse now for putting on airs"
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