Cell Organelles

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Cell organelles for Biology Exam

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Question Answer
Centrioles: Are a pair of small cylindrical structures that are involved in the separation of chromosomes during cell division, in animal cells and protists. (Not in plant cells)
Chloroplasts: found in some plant cells, its green, and where photosynthesis takes place. Composes of layers of folded membranes.
Cytoplasm: Fluid content of the cell.
Cytosol: The fluid component of cytoplasm in which organelles are located.
Endoplasmic Reticulum: Intracellular membranes that link with the plasma membrane and other organelles. They may be rough (have ribosomes which is involved with the transport of materials. It can also be smooth (no ribsomes) which makes cellular products like hormones and lipids
Golgi apparatus: Linked to the Endoplasmic Reticulum, is a stack of flat membranes sacs where the final synthesis and packaging of proteins into membrane-bound vesicles occurs before they are secreted from the cell.
Lysosomes: A organelle containing enzymes that digest particles and that disintegrate the cell after its death.
Mitochondria Found in large numbers in most cells, where biochemical processes of respiration and energy production occurs.
Nucleus: Membrane bound structure that contains the cells genetic information (DNA) and controls the cell's growth and reproduction.
Plasma Membrane: Semi-permeable bi-layer of phospholipid molecules enclosing the cytoplasm. Control substances into and out to of cell, responsible for recognition, adhesion and chemical communication between cells.
Ribosomes: Found in cytosol or ER of living cells, is the site of assembly for proteins.
Vacuole: Liquid filled space in cells, provide physical support through turgidity and storage. Involve in intracellular digestion (food vacuoles) or water balance (contractile vacuole)
Vesicles: Membrane bound organelles, involved in transport. Move material from one plant to another.