Migration Terms and Definitions

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Terms and definitions for migration unit in year 9 Social Studies

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Ancestors Anyone from whom a person is descended.
Bi-Cultural There are two dominant ethnicity groups in a country.
Class System People are organised into groups based on their wealth/background.
Consequence Somethings happens because of a prior event.
Descendent A person who is related to someone and lives after them.
Destination The place a person is going to.
Emigrant A person exiting a place.
Environmental Change Effects on a natural landscape caused by human or natural activities.
Immigrant A person coming into a place.
Intervening Obstacles Things that get in the way of people moving.
Iwi Tribe
Manuhiri Visitor, new people to a place.
Origin The place a person comes from.
Point of View The way people think and understand the worlds based on their own experiences.
Refugee A person who has to leave their country because of conflict or famine.
Tangatawhenua The people of the land.
Treaty A written or verbal agreement between two groups.
Turangawaewae The place where a person belongs.
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