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Generic overview of cell communication

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What is cell communication? A mechanism where cells use signalling to communicate with each other and generate a response.
What are the four types of cell signalling? 1. Direct Contact 2. Endocrine signalling 3. Paracrine (autocrine) signalling 4. Synaptic signalling
What is direct contact? Molecules or ligands from one cell can bind to the receptor of another. Communication is via direct contact with another cell.
What is Synaptic signalling? Nerve cells release neurotransmitters into the synaptic gap that bind to the receptor on an adjacent nerve cell.
What is paracrine signalling? When a cell can communicate with neighboring cells within close proximity to itself. Autocrine is when it can communicate back to itself.
What is endocrine signalling Long distance signalling where a ligand is released from one cell; this enters the blood stream and affects cells throughout the body.
What is signal transduction? The events that occur within a cell from the response of a signal.
Why is phosphorylation and de-phosphorylation important? Phosphorylation (adding a phosphate) is a common way to activate a response from a signal. De-phosphorylation inactivates the response.
What are the two classes of ligands? Lipophilic - fat soluble (hormones). Bind to intracellular receptors Hydrophilic - water soluble, binds to extracellular receptors
What are the 3 kinds of membrane receptors? 1. Channel linked receptors - ions channels that open in response to a ligand (nerve) 2. Enzymatic receptors - turns on signal (phosphorylation) 3. G-Protein coupled receptor -activates an effector protein.
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