Strategies, Tactics and Training Sessions.


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Strategies and Tactics. Strategies: plans prepared prior to competition, intended to place an individual or team at an advantage. Tactics: ways that strategies are put into action.
Opponent Related Strategy. (3) Fundamentals Relating to Stratgey. Attacking in attempt to score and defending in attempt to prevent scoring. Fundamentals: 1. Using space when attacking to gain advantage. 2. Denying space by manoeuvring a team where you want them. 3. Controlling the pace of the game to suit your game plan.
Competition Related Strategy. Considering not only the opponent but the structure of competition. Strategies employed depend on the activity.
Roles and Responsibilities. Each player has specific roles and responsibilities within a team strategy. Success of the strategy relies on all team members fulfilling their roles.
Substitution. Used to ensure that the best player is available at the required time to fulfil a particular role in that phase of the game.
Formation. A team will use different formations to successfully cover the width and depth of a playing area. Success of formation is reliant on all players fulfilling their roles.
Training should be... Should be: 1. Challenging. 2. At the right level. 3. Draw on prior knowledge. 4. Fit into a scheme and have a goal.
5 Sections of the Training Session. 1. Warm Up/Introduction. 2. Skills. 3. Fitness. 4. Culmination. 5. Cool Down/Debrief.
Introduction/Warm Up. Introduction: focuses attention to key aspects of training session. Warm Up: redistributes blood flow, heats the muscles and prepares the heart and lungs for exercise.
Skills. Learning or practicing the skill needed for the sport/activity. Applying skills in drills.
Fitness. Performed after skill development as tiredness deteriorates skill level. Sport/Activity related fitness.
Culmination. Game that incorporates learnt skills.
Cool Down/Debrief. Reduces intensity. Reviews session. Prepares for next session.
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