Personality Psychology- Psychodynamic Freud

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Psychodynamic, Freud

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Psychosexual stages 5 stages
1. Oral Mouth o-18 moths Eg. biting, chewing
2. Anal Bowel/ bladder 18-36 months E.g toilet training
3. Phalic Genitals 3-6 years E.g marry mum
4. Latency Sexuality is dominant 6- puberty
5. Genital Sexual feelings towards others Puberty +
Structure of personality Internal conflict between self-satisfaction of id and moral expectations of super ego, are mediated by ego
1. id (Pleasure) Instinctive and impulsive Eg. huger, thirst, sleep
2. Ego (Reality) Realistic and sensible Eg. Needs for id are satisfied but in a sensible way
3. Super Ego (moral) Our "conscious" Eg. blocks the urges of id
Organisation of the mind Iceberg theory "The mind is like an iceberg, mostly hidden"
1. Conscious (Surface of the iceberg) Thinking and remembering feelings you are currently aware of
2. Perconscious (Just below the surface) Accessible information at the "back of the mind"
3. Unconscious (Iceberg below) Storage for information that is not acceptable Eg. Traumatic experiences
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