Freud's Theory of Personality

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Freud's Theory of Personality
1 Id
1.1 First part to develop
1.2 Instructive part of the personality
1.3 pleasure principle
1.4 Biological component
2 Ego
2.1 Rational part of the personality
2.2 It's through the ego, the id get what it wants
2.3 Reality principle
2.4 Psychological component
2.5 Develops second
2.6 Ego has to satisfy both id and superego
3 Superego
3.1 Last to develop
3.2 Morality principle
3.3 Developed during the first five years of childhood
3.4 Social component
4 Unconscious
4.1 difficult to retrieve information
4.2 Largest part of our mind
4.3 Can't access
5 Conscious
5.1 Contains what we know
6 Preconscious
6.1 We don't know but can access
7 Defense Mechanisms
7.1 Repression
7.1.1 Not remembering something as it cannot be accessed
7.2 Displacement
7.2.1 Putting thoughts and wishes onto someone other than the real focus
7.3 Denial
7.3.1 Refusing to acknowledge threatening thoughts
7.4 Projection
7.4.1 Saying that threatening thoughts/emotions are someone else's thoughts/emotions
7.5 Regression
7.5.1 Going back to a childhood state
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