Wonder Vocabulary

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Wonder Vocabulary

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clever or witty remarks or comments (n.) quips
not supportive of any side in a conflict or controversy (adj) neutral
occurring without a regular reason or pattern (adj.) random
passionate (adj.) fiery
an idea (n.) notion
showing an intention to harm (adverb) spitefully
a strong feeling of dislike (n.) aversion
interrupts (v) interjects
a change or alteration (n.) mutation
to pay back (v) reimburse
to predict (v) forecast
giving or casting light (v.) illuminating
the ability to understand, after something has happened, what should have been done (n.) hindsight
an abnormal condition or disease (n.) syndrome
a slight understanding (n.) inkling
moral and ethical principles (n.) virtues
both pleasant and painful (adj) bittersweet
silent (adj) taciturn
to warn in advance forewarned
to possess a characteristic through genetic transmission (v) inherited
abnormalities (n.) anomalies
pondering (v.) ruminating
a person who pretends who he is not (n.) hypocrite
taking extreme care about details (adverb) meticulously
urge onward (v.) propel
rigorous or strict (adj) stringent
agile & energetic (adj) spry
having variety (adj) diverse
clearly (adj) vividly
firmly (adverb) sternly
The teacher loved to share funny little ____________ with her students. quips
Some of the states remained _________________ during the war. neutral
They started asking ___________________ questions about all kinds of things. random
He had a strong and __________________ passion for the Dawgs. fiery
After much thought, I finally had a great ______________________ for my science experiment. notion
He _______________ went down the row and kicked each of the boys. spitefully
I really have an _______________ to scary movies so I try to never watch one. aversion
The student continued to ____________ comments even when the teacher asked him to stop. interjects
The giraffe had a _____________ that made his neck much shorter than most. mutation
The school will _____________ my money if I buy an ink cartridge. reimburse
The sports announcers will __________________ who will go to the playoffs before the games even happen. forecast
The garage light was _____________________ the whole driveway so I could see the cat when she ran home. illuminating
In ________________________, I realized that I should have studied harder for that social studies test. hindsight
The young girl was born with a _____________________ that caused her to have trouble using her hands. syndrome
I had a(n) _________________about what my Christmas present might be after I saw Mr. Smith come home with a bag from Barnes & Noble. inkling
Kindness, compassion, forgiveness, and self-control are important ________________. virtues
5th grade graduation was ___________________________ for the teachers because they were excited for and sad about the 5th graders leaving. bittersweet
The students were perfectly ________________ when Mrs. Knoblock asked them to be quiet. taciturn
The parents _____________________ their children before the trip started that they would be in the car for a very long time. forewarned
The golden retriever _____________ his spunky personality and curly hair from both of his parents. inherited
The snake had some ____________________________ such as two heads and three tails. abnormailities
I was ___________________ for a real long time about what I might write my personal narrative about. ruminating
He seemed like a ______________________ when he said that he was an excellent drummer but he had only picked up drumsticks once in his life. hypocrite
Madison carefully and _____________________________ sorted the paper clips by color and size meticulously
The coach was attempting to _________________ the team forward towards the championship. propel
The rules for entering the art contest were very __________________ with so many strict guidelines to follow. stringent
The kindergarteners were very __________________ as they ran around the gym and twisted through the tunnels as they waited for the cheerleaders to get there. spry
The crowd was very ________________ and included a wide range of age groups, jobs, religions, and talents. diverse
Many mothers can _________________ remember the details of the first time they ever saw their child. vividly
With a commanding voice, Ms. Duke __________________ told the class that they MUST walk in the halls. sternly
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