Social Studies - 5th Grade Reconstruction

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5th grade reconstruction quiz

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What was the most important task of the Reconstruction period? rebuilding the South
What year did the Civil War end? 1865
What was the period called when the south was being rebuilt? Reconstruction
Describe the condition of the South at the end of the Civil War It was in ruins and needed to be rebuilt
What did the 13th ammendment do? It abolished slavery (which means it got rid of it)
What was the name of the plan that President Lincoln created to reunite the South as quickly as possible? The Reconstruction Plan
Who was president when the Civil War ended? Abraham Lincoln
What 2 things did each state have to do to rejoin the Union after the War? 1) Take an oath to the Constitution 2) take an oath to the Union
Describe the schools and colleges for the African Americans in the South during this time. The schools for African Americans were seperate from the schools for the rest of the people
Name the government program that provided food, clothing, shelter, medical care, jobs, and legal help to both African Americans and Whites The Freedman's Bureau
The Freedman's Bureau set up 4,000 schools for who? newly freed people
How did Abrahm Lincoln die? He was assassinated
Who became president after Lincoln was assassinated? President Andrew Johnson
What did President Johnson do that showed that he disliked the South? He supported the Union
What did President Johnson do to show that he did like the South? He allowed former Confederate leaders to serve in Congress
Did President Johnson take action against the Black Codes? No
What is it called when a public official (like a president or mayor) is charged with a crime? Impeachment
What President was almost (but not quite enough votes) impeached? President Johnson
What were the laws called that were passed by Southern states that limited the freedoms and rights of African Americans? The Black Codes
What were three of the rights that were not allowed to African Americans because of the BlackCodes? 1) they could not own guns 2) they could not hold a public meeting 3) they were not allowed to rent properties in cities
Name 3 important things that the Reconstruction Act of 1867 made happen 1) divided the South into 5 districts 2) The districts would all be controlled by the US Army until a new governement was formed 3) Each state had to write a new constitution
What 2 things did the 14th ammendment do? 1) African Americans became citizens of the US 2) it guaranteed African AMericans the same legal rights as whites
What did the 15th Ammendment do? made it illegal for states to deny a man's right to vote
Give a brief phrase describing what the 13th, 14th, & 15th ammendment did 13th - abolished slavery 14th - gave African Americans rights 15th - allowed all men to vote
What are 2 of the laws that were passed in the South to keep black people from voting? 1) the poll tax required former slves to pay a tax to vote (but they had no $!) 2) Grandfather caluse meant that a person could only vote if their grandfather had voted (which could not have happened)
What is it called when people rent land from someone so that they can have a share (part) of the crop grown there? Sharecropping
Did sharecropping happen a lot in the South during Reconstruction? Yes
Were most southern farmers wealthy (rich) or poor during Reconstruction? poor (lots of debt)
During Reconstruction, was the price of cotton high or low? low
Many Northerners moved to the South during reconstruction to do what? start businesses
Northerners who moved to the South and helped fight for Afican American Rights were called __________ Carpetbaggers
Southerners believed that the Northern people who moved down south were taking advantage of the _____________ of the South suffering
During Reconstruction were any African Americans elected to state office or Congress? Yes! 600 to state and 16 to congress
Did most Southern white people accept the African Americans as equals? No
What was name of the secret society created by former Confederate Officers to terrorize African Americans? Ku Klux Klan (KKK)
What methods did the Ku Klux Klan use to frighten blacks and keep them from voting? 1) violence 2) intimidation
What clothing did the KKK wear? and what did they do to property and Blacks? clothing - white robes and hoods (to hide their real identities) property - they destroyed it to blacks - they murdered some
Give at least 3 things in the 1880's that blacks and whites had to use seperately schools restaurants railroad cars hotels parks
What do you call the separation of people based on their race (color of skin)? segregation
What laws were passed that forced segregation and made it legal to segregate based on race? Jim Crow Laws
The Supreme Court ruled in Plessy vs. Ferguson that segregation was __________ as long as it was _____________but _________ legal seperate but equal
After Plessy vs. Ferguson was passed were services for blacks and whites equal? No
Did African Americans experience discriminatioin in both the South and the North? yes
After the 13th, 14th, and 15th ammendments were passed, did the African Americans gain many rights? No
In the Presidential election of 1876, who won? a) Democrat Samuel Tilden b) Republican Rutherford Hayes Republican Rutherford Hayes
What did Hayes promise to do if he were elected President? Was he able to do that? end Reconstruction Yes
When President Hayes ended Reconstruction, he quickly did what? Ordered the Union Troops to leave the South
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