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Robert Liston He was a Scottish surgeon who was known for his skill before anesthetics. Could amputate a leg in 28 seconds.
James Simpson Discovered how Chloroform could be used as an anaesthetic and introduced it into general medicine uses.
Florence Nightingale She nursed soldiers in the Crimean War and transformed hospitals to be cleaner places. She was the founder of modern nursing.
Joseph Lister Discovered antiseptic surgery. Found that germs carried in the air caused infections to surgical wounds.
Robert Koch Considered the founder of modern bacteriology. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1905 because of his large contribution to 'Magic Bullets.'
Dr Morton He is recognised for making medical practise accept anaesthetic. First used Ether.
Karl Landsteiner Biologist and physician and famous for finding the main blood groups in 1901.
Richard Lewisohn He discovered that sodium citrate stopped blood from clotting in surgery.
Richard Weil Found that blood could be stored in refrigerated conditions.
Francis Rous + James Turner Found that adding citrate glucose to blood enabled it to be stored for longer.
Harold Gilles He did great work on plastic surgery in WW1 and moved to France where he became interested in plastic surgery of the face.
Wilhelm Roentgen Won a Nobel Prize by producing and detecting electromagnet radiation in a wavelength. Discovered/invented X-Rays.
Alexander Wood He was a Scottish physician and invented the first hypodermic syringe.
Louis Pasteur Developed vaccines that protected millions of lives. His knowledge that germs caused diseases changed healthcare and he found new ways to make our food safe to eat. GERM THEORY!!!
John Snow He found the cause to an outbreak of cholera was a water pump even though everyone was sure it was airborne. INVENTED CHLOROFORM INHALER!!!
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