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Chapter 12 Key Terms

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Black Box Defined as an operation whose exact nature cannot be observed
Cost structure The relative composition of an organization fixed and variable cost.
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) A packaged software program that allows a company to automate and integrate the majority of its business processes, share common data and practices across the entire enterprise and produce and access information in a real-time environment.
Gap Analysis The study of the differences between the information provided by two information systems to ascertain the deficiencies within the system
Management Control System an information system that helps managers gather information about actual organization
Management Information System (MIS) a structure of interrelated elements that collects, organizes, and communicates data to managers so they may plan, control, evaluate performance, and make decisions; emphasizes internal demands for information; commonly computerized for ease of access to information, reliability of input and processing, and ability to simulate outcomes of alternative situations.
Organizational Culture The set of basic assumptions about the organization and its goals and ways of doing business; a system of shared values about what is important and beliefs about how things get accomplished; provides a framework that organizes and directs employee behavior at work.
Organizational form an entity's legal nature
Profit Sharing an incentive payment to employees that is contingent on organizational or individual performance.
radio frequency identification an advanced information technology that uses exceptionally small flakes of silicon to transmit a code for the item to which the technology is attached.
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