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A quick and fun way of learning the terminology related to the nervous system

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Which cranial nerve relates to smell? Cranial Nerve I Olfactory
Which cranial nerve relates to sight? Cranial nerve II Optic
Which cranial nerve relates to hearing and equilibrium? Cranial nerve VIII Vestibulocochlear
Which cranial nerve is the Vagus nerve? Cranial nerve X supplies most organs in abdominal and thoracic cavities
alges/o sense of pain
angi/o vessel
arteri/o artery
astr/o star
cephal/o head
cerebell/o cerebellum second largest portion of brain coordinates voluntary movement and maintaining balance and equilibrium
cerebr/o cerebrum the largest section of the brain - processes thoughts, judgement, and memory
clon/o rapid contracting and relaxing
concuss/o to shake violently
crani/o skull
cyt/o cell
dur/o dura mater
electr/o electricity
encephal/o brain
esthesi/o sensation, feeling
gli/o glue
hemat/o blood
hem/o blood
hydr/o water
isch/o to hold back
later/o side
lumb/o low back
medull/o medulla oblongata connects brain and spinal cord
meningi/o mening/o meninges protective covering on the brain 3 layers
ment/o mind
myel/o spinal cord
neur/o nerve
poli/o gray matter
pont/o pons the bridge that connects the cerebellum to the rest of the brain
radicul/o nerve root
scler/o hard
spin/o spine
thalam/o thalamus composed of gray matter center for relaying impulses from eyes, ears, and skin to the cerebrum
thec/o sheath
tom/o to cut
ton/o tone
vascul/o blood vessel
ventricul/o ventricles contain cerebrospinal fluid which provides protection from shock or sudden motion to the brain or spinal cord
-al -ar -ary -eal pertaining to
-algia pain
-asthenia weakness
-cele protrusion
-ectomy surgical removal
-gram record
-graphy process of recording
-ia condition, state
-ic -ine pertaining to
-itis inflammation
-logy study of
-ion action
-nic pertaining to
-oma tumor, swelling
-osis abnormal condition
-otomy cutting into
-paresis weakness
-pathy disease
-phasia speech
-plasty surgical repair
-rrhaphy suture
-taxia muscle coordination
-tic pertaining to
-trophic pertaining to development
a- an- de- without
anti- against
bi- two
dys- abnormal, difficult
endo- within
epi- above
hemi- half
hyper- excessive, too much
intra- within
mono- one
para- abnormal or two parts of a pair
poly- many
quadri- four
semi- partial
sub- below
un- not
cerebellar pertaining to the cerebellum
encephalic encephal/o -ic pertaining to the brain
intrathecal intra- thec/o -al pertaining to within the meninges
quadriplegia quadri- -plegia paralysis of four (extremities)
polyneuritis poly- neur/o -itis inflammation of many nerves
sclerosis scler/o -osis abnormal condition of being hardened
subdural sub- dur/o -al pertaining to under the dura mater
angiography angi/o -graphy process of recording vessels
neurorrhaphy neur/o -rrhaphy suture of a nerve
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