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Assault Threat of imminent physical harm
Trespass to land wrongful interference with someones possession of land
Nuisance Any activity on ones property that interferes with a neighbours right to enjoy their property
Battery Intentional infliction of physical harm
False Imprisonment unlawful detention or physical restraint or coercion by psychological means
Deceit a false representation intentionally or recklessly made that causes another damage
Passing Off presenting another's goods or services as one's own
Interference with Contractual Relations inticement to break the contractual relations of another
Conversion tort of intentionally interfering with someones rightful possession
Defamation public utterance of a false statement of fact or opinion that harms anthers reputation
Defences to Defamation Justification Qualified Privilege Fair Comment Responsible Communication on matters of public interest
Justification defamation statement was substantially true
qualified privilege statement being relevant, without malice, and communicated to a party with interest in hearing it
Fair Comment statement was on a matter of public interest, was factually based, and expressed a view that could be held by anyone
Responsible communication on matters of public interest defence that even though some facts are incorrectly reported, the publication is on a matter of public interest and the publisher was diligent in trying to verify the allegation
Absolute Privilege Defence to defamation in reaction to parliamentary or judicial proceedings
Injurious Falsehood false statements made about another's good or services that is harmful to the reputation of those goods or services
Aggravated Damages damages relating to compensate intangible injuries such as distress or humiliation
Contractual Entrant any person who has paid to enter premises
Invitee Someone who is on the property at a benefit to the occupier
Licensee Someone who has been permitted to enter onto the property at no benefit or cost to the occupier
Trespasser Any person who is not invited onto property, whose presence is unknown or objected to by the occupier, or has been invited but subsequently asked to leave
Dissent and Appraisal Rights right of shareholders who disagree with fundamental change to have their shares bought by the corporation
oppression remedy remedy in which shareholders who have been treated unfairly ask court for a remedy as they see fit
winding up dissolving corporation and distribute assets among shareholders
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