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a cohesive marketing campaign strategy for my coursework

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Cohesive Marketing Linking My Ancillary & Main Product Together My main product is a film trailer and the two ancillaries are a poster and magazine
Synergy The idea would be to use various media outlets such as phones, smart TV, computers and various print advertisements such as ads in magazines etc.
Convergence Both ancillaries and the trailer should work together in order to benefit one another. For example the ancillary tasks should incorporate plugs for people to watch the trailer. In the magazine it should point towards what the trailer offers and how the poster grabs people's attention for the film.
360° The poster will need to be everywhere on billboards and buses for example and for the magazine to help the 360 branding the film will need to be promoted on a well-known film magazine such as total film or empire. It will need to be on well-known magazines because that way more people will see it and it will spread through word of mouth making more people want to go and watch it. In addition to this the poster should have some link to the trailer to get people to watch it and increase the profile of the campaign.
Colour The colours should stay relatively the same throughout i.e. the poster and magazines should stay the same colour such as black and red for example whilst in the trailer the film should also be dark in colour to help synergise with the ancillary pieces
Typography The text should be the same colour and would be better suited in a bold sans- serif font, as this will give the piece a more respectable look which will help it to stand out. This should also be the same as any text shown in the main piece to truly have a professional campaign.
Tagline This should capture the audience’s attention and should be used in every piece to really help sell the point so people will want to watch it. A good tagline should get people to want to go and watch the piece. An example of a really good tagline would be Sir Ridley Scott's 'Alien', which had the tagline 'In space no one can hear you scream'. This is such a good example as even today people still remember it and others have tried to adapt it or even parodies it.
Iconography The different products should all include similar iconography. For example if the poster shows a knife then so too should the magazine. In addition the main weapon of choice shown in the trailer should also be a knife.
Themes The general theme throughout all the pieces should stay the same so the colour theme e.g. dark colours to connote danger. The typography should have the same theme such as the size of it and the way it looks. If the theme promoted throughout the marketing campaign is supernatural danger, then the products should all incorporate a supernatural feel to it. Whether that is the way the text looks or the pictures shown.
Anchorage Any text or picture shown in any of the products should have a specific meaning to it and should be the same . If the magazine front cover is covered by a picture of someone they should be of relative importance to the film. This person should also be the main point of focus in both the trailer and the poster. This is so the audience knows that he is important to the story and should know who he is.