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Other than improvements in hygiene, give two reasons for the low death rate from infectious diseases in modern hospitals.  better knowledge of immunity  better / new drugs  sterilisation of equipment or isolation of patients or some infectious diseases wiped out or earlier identification / treatment of infections
Describe how living things are involved in the constant cycling of carbon.  green plants photosynthesise  photosynthesis takes in carbon dioxide  plants use carbon to make carbohydrate / protein / fat / organic compounds / named enzymes / cellulose  animals eat plants and other animals  plants and animals respire  respiration releases carbon dioxide  plants and animals die  microorganisms decay / decompose / feed on dead organisms  microorganisms respire 
What is meant by metabolic rate? rate of chemical reactions in the body
Metabolic rate is affected by the amount of activity a person does. Give two other factors that may affect a person’s metabolic rate.  inheritance / genetics  proportion of muscle to fat or body mass  age / growth rate  gender
Name one plant hormone. auxin
Give the main features of asexual reproduction.  no fusion of gametes  only one parent  no mixing of genetic material  no genetic variation or genetically identical offspring
Suggest one advantage of using tissue culture and not using cuttings to produce plants. more plants produced from one parent plant
What is a drug? substance that affects body chemistry / chemical reactions in the body
Describe the pathway taken by the nerve impulse in the blink reflex. From light-sensitive cell to connecting neurone to sensory neurone. Sensory neurone to brain / CNS Brain / CNS to motor neurone Motor neurone to eyelid muscle
Describe how natural selection could result in modern swordfish with long swords developing from ancestors with short swords. Variation of sword lengths in ancestors Those with long swords get more food swordfish (with long swords) survive and breed (survivors) pass on gene(s) / allele(s) (for long sword)
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