UNIT 2 REVIEW QUESTIONS - Organizing #1 - 10

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Organizing Questions Numbers 1 - 10 of Unit 2 for Test

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Organizing Questions # 1 - 10 Lets get started!
What is organizing? Organizing is arranges people and resources to work together to accomplish a goal.
What is an organization structure? Organization structures is a system of task, workflows, reporting relationships and communication channels that link together diverse individuals and groups
Define departmentalization. Departmentalization occurred as people and activities were grouped together under the supervision of a common manger.
What is an organizational chart? An organizational chart is a diagram describing reporting relationship and the formal arrangement of work positions within an organization.
What information does an organizational chart provide? - The division of work - The type of work performed - Supervisor- subordinate relationships - Formal communications channels - Major sub units - Levels of management
What is a formal structure? Formal Structures display how an organization is intended to function.
What can you learn from the formal structure? You can learn from a formal structure the type of work environment in a company, the companies norms and the characteristics of the employees and management team.
Define informal structure. Informal Structure is the set of unofficial relationships between organizations members.
What are advantages of an informal structure? - Helping people accomplish their work - Overcoming limits of formal structures - Gaining access to interpersonal network - Informal learning - Social needs satisfied
What are disadvantages of an informal structure? - May work against best interests of entire organizations - Susceptibility to rumor - May carry inaccurate information - May breed resistance to change - Diversion of work efforts from important objective - Feeling of alienation by outsiders
Are informal structures critical to an organization’s success? Explain. Informal structures are critical to an organization’s success because it creates a bond and a trust with the people you will be spending most of your time with. It also creates exercise groups, friendships, people that can go out for lunch, etc.
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