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New words, phrases and word formation in CPE practice test 5

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Protracted lasting longer than expected or longer than usual (= prolonged) A ...... strike carries a high risk of violence.
some (adverb) used before numbers to mean ‘approximately’ ...... thirty people attended the funeral.
designate to say officially that sb/sth has a particular character or name This area has been ...... (as) a UNESCO world heritage site.
allocate to give sth officially to sb/sth for a particular purpose A large sum has been ...... for buying new books for the library.
apportion to divide sth among people - They ...... the land among members of the family. - I'm not here to ...... blame, but only to ​try and ​resolve the problem.
habitat the place where a particular type of animal or plant is normally found The panda's natural ...... is the bamboo forest.
elevate to give sb/sth a higher position or rank - He ...... many of his friends to powerful positions within the government. - It was an attempt to ...... football to a subject worthy of serious study.
graze (of cows, sheep, etc.) to eat grass that is growing in a field The horses were ...... on the lush grass.
aforementioned (word form of 'mention') which is mentioned before The ​information ​sent in the ........... (mention) ​e-mail is not to be used for ​publication.
predatory /ˈpredətri/ (word form of 'predator') (of animals) living by killing and eating other animals
mammalian (word form of 'mammal') connected with mammals - ............... (mammal) species - Rodents are prey for ............... (mammal) predators.
Food source/supply Fruits are an important food ........ for bats.
Excavate (v) -> Excavation (n) to dig in the ground to look for old buildings or objects that have been buried for a long time The site has been ........ by archaeologists.
extrapolate to estimate sth using the facts that are valid for one situation and supposing that they will be valid for the new one (ngoại suy) - The figures were obtained by ...... from past trends. - We have ...... these results from research done in other countries. - Try not to ...... too much from your own experience.
asset a person or thing that is valuable or useful to sb/sth - In his job, patience is an invaluable ...... - Being able to speak a foreign language is a major ......
liability a person or thing that causes you a lot of problems (opposite of 'asset') Since his injury, Jones has become more of a ...... than an asset to the team.
find (n) an interesting or valuable thing that has been found - This is an important archaeological ...... - A ​recent ...... of ​ancient ​artefacts is on ​display at the ​local ​museum.
a catch-22 (situation) I can't get a job because I haven't got anywhere to live but I can't afford a place to live until I get a job—it's a catch-22 situation.
estimated used before a number The satellite will cost an estimated £400 million.
average typical or normal - 40 hours is a fairly ...... working week for most people. - On an ...... day they sell more than £2 000 worth of vegetables.
unwavering (word form of 'waver') not changing or becoming weaker in any way Her attention to detail and consistent communication with her customers has gained her an ...... (waver) loyalty and respect from them.
Decorate to give sb a medal as a sign of respect for sth they have done She was ...... for her efforts during the war.
demonstrate/display/show commitment Erskine Childers was a decorated soldier of the British Admiralty who had ...... unwavering commitment and loyalty to both king and country.
creep in/into sth to begin to happen or affect sth As she became more tired, errors began to ...... into her work.
pinpoint to find and show the exact position of sb/sth or the exact time that sth happened - He was able to ...... on the map the site of the medieval village. - With this you can ...... the precise location of the sound.
misguided wrong because you have understood or judged a situation badly - The ​company ​blamed ​its ​disappointing ​performance on a ...... ​business ​plan. - In her ...... attempts to help, she only made the situation worse.
realign (v) -> realignment (n) to make changes to sth in order to adapt it to a new situation The company has been forced to ...... its operations in the area.
staunch strong and loyal in your opinions and attitude (= faithful) He ​gained a ​reputation as being a ...... ​defender of ​civil ​rights.
befriend (word form of 'friend') to become a friend of sb, especially sb who needs your help Shortly after my arrival at the school, I was ...... (friend) by an older girl.
the likes of sb/sth sb/sth as good as the person or thing being mentioned - We haven't seen the ...... of Muhammad Ali since he retired from the ring. - They're not competing against the ...... of you or me but real, first-class, serious athletes.
armament (1) (word form of 'arm') weapons, especially large guns, bombs, tanks, etc. - nuclear armaments - the armaments industry
armament (2) (word form of 'arm') the process of increasing the amount of weapons an army or a country has, especially to prepare for war. As the ​country ​prepares for ​war, more and more ​money is being ​spent on ...... (arm)
disarmament (word form of 'arm', opposite of 'armament') the fact of a country reducing the size of its armed forces or the number of weapons that it has The surrounded army had no choice but to consider ...... (arm), otherwise they would suffer heavy losses.
ill-fated (word form of 'fate') not lucky and ending sadly, especially in death or failure The latest tragedy follows the ...... (fate) voyage of another boat which sank off the Cocos Islands last November, killing 12 asylum seekers.
put sth down to stop something by force (= crush) - to ...... down a rebellion - The military government is determined to ...... down all opposition.
ship (v) to send or transport sb/sth by ship or by another means of transport The company ...... its goods all over the world.
uneasy (word form of 'ease') not certain to last; not safe or settled - Who can ​predict how ​long this ...... ​peace between the two ​countries will last? - The two sides eventually reached an ...... compromise.
truce an agreement between enemies or opponents to stop fighting for an agreed period of time The priest helped to negotiate a ...... between the warring sides.
treaty a formal agreement between two or more countries - In September 1871 Japan entered into a commercial ...... with China. - The government signed a peace ...... with the rebels.
partition (v) (word form of 'part') to divide sth into parts - The country was ...... (part) a year after the elections. - Why don't you ...... (part) that ​large ​room into a ​lounge and a dining-room?
notion an idea, a belief or an understanding of sth - She had only a vague ...... of what might happen. - They were not familiar with the ...... that women should have equal status with men.
a bitter pill (for sb) (to swallow) a fact or an event that is unpleasant and difficult to accept The election defeat was a ...... ...... for the party to swallow.
transplant (v) (word form of 'plant') to take an organ, skin, etc. from one person, animal, part of the body, etc. and put it into or onto another Surgeons have successfully ...... (plant) a liver into a four-year-old boy.
transplant (n) (1) (word form of 'plant') a medical operation in which a damaged organ, etc. is replaced with one from another person She will have to have a heart-lung ...... (plant) within 48 hours.
transplant (n) (2) (word form of 'plant') an organ that is used in a transplant operation There is always a chance that the body will reject the ...... (plant)
put sth into storage The strawberries are ...... ...... cold storage for several months.
prolong (word form of 'long') to make something last longer (= extend) The operation could ...... (long) his life by two or three years.
capacity the ability to do sth Do you ​think it's within his ...... to do the ​job without making a ​mess of it?
conceive to become pregnant She was unable to ...... a child naturally and was offered fertility treatment.
perfect (v) to make sth perfect or as good as you can - As a musician, she has spent years ...... her technique. - They have ...... the art of winemaking.
(more than) your fair share of sth (more than) an amount of sth that is considered to be reasonable or acceptable - I want my ...... share. You cheated me! Give me some more! - I've had my ...... share of success in the past.
whereby by which; because of which They have introduced a new system ...... all employees must undergo regular training.
fully/ properly equip - The car is ...... equipped with all the latest gadgets. - The flat is ...... equipped with a cooker and fridge.
carry out, do, fulfil, meet, perform duty - She felt she had ...... her duty by providing him with a son. - Many parents are not properly equipped to ...... their parental duties when they have children.
parental (word form of 'parent') connected with a parent or parents - ...... (parent) responsibility/rights - Teenagers often revolt against ...... (parent) discipline. - ...... (parent) consent is required before the operation can take place.
scenario a description of how things might happen in the future - The worst-case ...... would be for the factory to be closed down. - The more likely ...... is that the president will resign and an election will be held.
ominous suggesting that sth bad is going to happen in the future - There were ...... dark clouds gathering overhead. - She picked up the phone but there was an ...... silence at the other end.
put sb at ease to make sb feel relaxed and confident, not nervous or embarrassed Try to put the candidate at ...... by being friendly and informal.
beyond help Some of the injured animals were ...... help and had to be destroyed.
lasting (word form of 'last') continuing to exist or to have an effect for a long time (= durable) Her words left a ...... (last) impression on me.
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