Components of Fitness

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Definitions of HRF, SRF and their Tests

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Components of Health Related Exercise My Fat Body Might Collapse 1) Muscular endurance 2) Flexibility 3) Body composition 4) Muscular strength 5) Cardiovascular endurance/ Cardiovascular Fitness
Muscular Endurance The ability to use voluntary muscles, many times without getting tired.
Muscular Endurance Test Harvard Step Test
Flexibility The range of movement possible at a joint.
Flexibility Test Sit and Reach Test
Body Composition The percentage of body weight which is fat, muscle and bone
Body Composition Test Skin fold test
Muscular Strength The amount of force a muscle can exert against a resistance.
Muscular Strength Test Hand grip dynamometer
Cardiovascular fitness The ability to exercise the whole body for long periods of time
Cardiovascular fitness Test 12 Minute Cooper Test
Components of skill-related fitness B.C.R.A.P.S Balance, Coordination, Reaction Time, Agility, Power, Speed
Balance The ability to retain the body's centre of mass (gravity) above the base of support with reference to static (stationary), or dynamic (changing), conditions of movement, shape and orientation.
Balance Test Standing Stork Test
Coordination The ability to use two or more body parts together.
Coordination Test Two Ball Bounce
Reaction Time The time between the presentation of a stimulus and the onset of a movement.
Reaction Time Test Ruler Drop Test
Agility The ability to change the position of the body quickly and to control the movement of the whole body.
Agility Test Illinois Agility Test
Power The ability to do strength performances quickly. Power = Speed x Strength
Power Test Sergeant Jump
Power Test Standing Broad Jump
Speed The differential rate at which an individual is able to perform a movement or cover a distance in a period of time.
Speed Test 30 Metre Sprint
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