Nutrition for Foodservice and Culinary Professionals - Chapter 10 Terms

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Chapter 10 terms and definitions

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Confit Classically, a food cooked in its own fat, such as duck or pork. Reinvented, a food saturated with an ingredient, such as vinegar in vegetables or sugar or alcohol in fruits.
Carpaccio Very thin slices of meat, fish, or vegetables (massaged or pounded) served raw.
Baba ganoush Middle Eastern dish made primarily of roasted eggplant and tahini, a paste made from sesame seeds.
Mojo A spicy Caribbean and South American sauce; it is a mixture of garlic, citrus juice, oil, and fresh herbs.
Roux A thickener of fat and flour in a one-to-one ratio by weight.
Mirepoix A mixture of rough-cut or diced vegetables, herbs, and spices, used for flavoring stocks, sauces, soups, and other foods.
Leaf Lettuce A type of lettuce with crisp leaves loosely arranged on a stalk; the leaves are often colorful.
Cos or Romaine A type of lettuce that forms an upright, elongated head with tall leaves.
Crisphead A type of lettuce, such as iceberg, that contain curved, overlapping leaves that form crispy, firm round heads.
Butterhead A type of lettuce with generally small, loose, and tender leaves with a delicate sweet flavor.
Stem Lettuce A type of lettuce, also called Chinese lettuce, grown mostly for its thick stem.
Sprouts Young plants that have just emerged from their seeds before any leaves grow.
Microgreens The first true leaves that develop after a seed sprouts.
Gastrique A mixture of caramelized sugar and vinegar used to flavor sauces.
Manchego Cheese A Spanish hard cheese made from sheep's milk.
Coulis A sauce made of a puree of vegetables or fruits.
Salsa Mixtures of vegetables and/or fruits and flavor ingredients.
Relish Cooked, pickled foods typically served as a cold condiment.
Chutney A strongly spiced sauce from India, either hot or sweet, that is made with fruits, vegetables, and herbs.
Compote A preparation of fruit, fresh or dried, cooked in syrup flavored with spices such as vanilla, citrus peel, toasted spices, vanilla bean, or liqueur.
Glaze A stock reduced to a thick, gelatinous consistency with flavoring and seasonings.
Flambe To light alcohol in preparation.
Farro A grain that is the ancestor of modern wheat.
Kamut A grain that is an ancient relative to wheat.
Triticale A hybrid of wheat and rye.
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