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Definitions of some of the keywords for AS-Level Chemistry for the AQA exam board.

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Alcohol A substance that has the general formula CnH2n+1OH. Has the functional group OH.
Alkane A hydrocarbon with the general formula CnH2n+2.
Alkene A hydrocarbon with the general formula CnH2n. Contains at least one double carbon bond.
Atom Economy A measure of the proportion of reactant atoms that become part of the desired product in a balanced chemical reaction.
Avogadro Constant The number of particles in a mole of a substance. 6.02x10^23
Bond Enthalpy The energy required to break the bond between two atoms.
Calorimetry Method of finding out how much energy is given out or taken in by a reaction, by measuring the temperature change that takes place during the reaction.
Carboxylic Acid A substance which has a COOH group attached to the end of a carbon chain.
Catalyst A substance that increases the rate of reaction by providing a lower activation energy alternate path for the reaction to occur. The catalyst is chemically unchanged at the end of the reaction.
Chain Isomer An organic molecule that contains the same atoms and functional groups as another molecule but has a different arrangement of the carbon skeleton.
Charge Cloud An area in an atom or molecule where there is a high chance of finding an electron pair.
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