Health and Social Care

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Attitudes The response and expressions to someones behaviour
Stereotype A simplified image or idea which is applied to an individual or group. It uses set characteristics to a whole group of people
Prejudice Pre-judging someone or something. It involves preconceived ideas/opinions which may be based on stereotypes.
Self-Esteem The view that an individual has of themselves about their own worth and identity.
Empowerment It is the process which builds self-esteem and confidence in someones own abilities to make decisions.
Disempowerment The denial of rights and choices to which service users are entitled.
Discrimination Unfair treatment based on prejudice.
Direct discrimination Overt Meant to be obvious. It can include words or actions that are deliberately disadvantaging the individual.
Indirect discrimination Covert Occurs when particular conditions are in place that demonstrate a preference for a specific group of people. Not intentional.
Values Moral principles. Attitudes learnt and formed through socialisation
Norms Patterns of behavior that are expected to be followed.
Secondary socialisation Occurs when a child has been influenced outside of the family.
Primary socialistion Learnt within the immediate family.
Agencies of secondary socialisation Education Religion Media Peers
How is education an agency of secondary socialisation? Children have the opportunity to learn new skills and gather information about different attitudes and cultures which they may otherwise couldn't have with primary socialisation.
How is the media an agency of secondary socialisation? TV is a strong influence especially with younger children. Media is a way to show gender issues and further highlight them.
How are peers an agency of secondary socialisation? Children learn to understand and manage relationships with other through the interaction with peers.
How can religion be an agency of secondary socialisation? Beliefs about what is 'normal' within our society can be developed through religion.
What does the case value base involve? It is a way of putting rights into action as they are derived from the ideas about human rights granted by UK legislation.
What are the early years care values? They follow the same principles as the care values base but are applied to the younger years.
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