Road Signs for Driving Test (Rules of the Road)

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Road signs for Irish driving test

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Enter text here... 287ee4d9-608d-4a14-b855-b4b61d71cf0a.gif (image/gif) Stop
Enter text here... 80c772fc-c7b8-4a7c-8e9e-f739531b5eb8.gif (image/gif) Yield
Enter text here... fc25a31f-ce40-4eb4-b107-58cb48c0e585.gif (image/gif) Yield (as Gaeilge)
Enter text here... 827ee999-4fc6-4360-8d06-122bcc5a0f33.gif (image/gif) School warden's stop sign (people crossing)
Enter text here... 99f4f82a-f354-4a01-b43a-1d32a771c2a7.gif (image/gif) No left turn
Enter text here... 9272b302-3def-49de-9c39-70b89a730abb.gif (image/gif) No entry
Enter text here... d601e144-a388-4300-bfb2-49a4b665f16d.gif (image/gif) No right turn
Enter text here... e88b3fa4-1770-49c3-9279-5acc3d4499b9.gif (image/gif) Clearway (Must be kept clear for moving traffic - often at certain times of the day which are posted under the sign)
Enter text here... e150252b-102f-4a89-9191-8b9f5a0bed3e.gif (image/gif) No parking
Enter text here... 4bc527de-15ad-4ad2-83fb-f34538fdb306.gif (image/gif) Maximum speed = 30km/h
Enter text here... a4731b34-d8aa-486a-9df0-017d8b0b2bbc.PNG (image/PNG) No bicycles
Enter text here... be7d9ced-bc76-4def-8731-11c179988ea1.PNG (image/PNG) No horses
Enter text here... 88da3d5f-e0c2-4e34-81aa-f007fb048359.PNG (image/PNG) No entry for vehicles
Enter text here... aa151e34-73f5-47c7-9689-eb5b54a79439.PNG (image/PNG) Weight restriction (7.5 tonne shown)
Enter text here... f8359b15-72f3-41c4-b15f-cf26aff6f271.PNG (image/PNG) Length restriction (10.5m shown)
Enter text here... b5eeff8f-c913-4ac6-b20d-107724ec43df.PNG (image/PNG) Width restriction (2.15m shown)
Enter text here... 36c824a1-5192-4137-94cd-2b0e75ab9c9c.PNG (image/PNG) Axle weight restriction (4 tonne shown)
Enter text here... 01f15b02-b6c8-43ca-8912-08c92cdb0d46.PNG (image/PNG) No overtaking for 3 axle vehicles
Enter text here... 5af415a8-5055-4805-94d7-a420b20960d1.PNG (image/PNG) No horse and carriage
Enter text here... 3b34a4b2-6700-490f-916e-1e717b6cb2d9.PNG (image/PNG) Height restriction (4.65m shown)
Enter text here... dcea1abf-ffdc-42ff-a01e-53c8bb340406.gif (image/gif) Taxi rank
Enter text here... cd3d6b72-376d-411f-980b-edb5f21d59c3.gif (image/gif) No large (over 3t) vehicles
Enter text here... 7fd56cc2-7311-4d32-8f76-da189b77d163.gif (image/gif) No U-turn
Enter text here... 211bfb9a-04e1-4291-a134-c4c45448081f.gif (image/gif) No overtaking
Enter text here... 0086dd32-1af1-4d4d-a772-46c4fb1d9aa0.gif (image/gif) Pedestrian Zone (no cars unless allowed at times posted)
Enter text here... 7b38dc95-782c-4724-b381-08dcbd8e6363.gif (image/gif) Parking allowed (at particular times, if posted)
Enter text here... 1ceefd89-a83d-4fde-82a9-4bf48e602cda.gif (image/gif) Height restriction
Enter text here... 99d9ec22-dcb0-42eb-8f48-b3c27a8988f5.gif (image/gif) Disc parking sign. (disc required to park, time may be limited as posted)
Enter text here... c769a084-ae01-4cb3-a2f1-93ce4902b358.gif (image/gif) Zonal restriction - no parking large vehicles
Enter text here... 69bf34d3-ca89-4fb2-826a-0a182f80a853.gif (image/gif) End of zonal restriction
Enter text here... b25c9641-6f84-48bb-adaf-2b9d4045c8f7.gif (image/gif) Turn left ahead
Enter text here... c396b5f7-08ab-4bd7-8ba8-2e95908482f0.gif (image/gif) Turn left
Enter text here... 28f6991c-f05d-4c48-88ce-729e0477f973.gif (image/gif) Turn right ahead
Enter text here... 3ccdb2f7-8b13-4acc-a2b0-e957ece6c30e.gif (image/gif) Turn right
Enter text here... ffe3ad2c-9eea-4777-b911-28a24300e32b.gif (image/gif) Pass either side
Enter text here... 2a04b5bb-c45e-416e-b431-c12a0402c600.gif (image/gif) Keep left
Enter text here... b014be2f-8295-4832-a2ea-384e2b069640.gif (image/gif) Keep right
Enter text here... edcb3b31-1be6-4d51-be0d-2f18e9fc4234.gif (image/gif) Straight ahead
Enter text here... 26eb534f-ccca-4391-b5d5-e979a4580658.gif (image/gif) No entry for pedestrians
Enter text here... 28c26dd9-261b-4aa2-8871-04d88b9490b5.gif (image/gif) No entry for vehicles with specified number of axles
Enter text here... 8a5a2334-53f2-45f5-bb18-31b9139da3dc.gif (image/gif) Stop (at roadworks)
Enter text here... fbd9d633-88ec-480b-b151-43386d781f00.gif (image/gif) Go (at roadworks)
Enter text here... a44b2650-1c21-4bac-9651-bc8f09202290.gif (image/gif) Go (at roadworks)
Enter text here... 2df55c91-53a2-4428-bd8b-8e23141c6e60.gif (image/gif) With flow bus lane on left
Enter text here... e9797e14-32ad-402a-84aa-13405771285d.gif (image/gif) With flow bus lane on right
Enter text here... b2f24086-7da8-4652-ab45-85d5ec8c8e57.gif (image/gif) Contra-flow bus lane
Enter text here... 49bba645-3307-433e-9c33-4e88c37c2410.PNG (image/PNG) Tram lane on left
Enter text here... d039ceaf-3f8c-4048-a4d2-e00a7877e932.gif (image/gif) Tram lane on right
Enter text here... 0add37a0-6a7c-4520-899a-8d0ca2435902.gif (image/gif) Start of cycle track
Enter text here... 560e0582-697e-4551-8d85-a4762f13cb01.gif (image/gif) End of cycle track
Enter text here... 8f65db8d-9e1c-4623-aac8-1da61f0ef630.gif (image/gif) Electronic variable speed limit
Enter text here... 0c9fe74e-2709-4617-9759-f1c5055beab9.gif (image/gif) In a tunnel goods vehicles cannot use right-hand lane (by reference to number of axles)
Enter text here... 72699697-7b5a-4d48-8263-0a50fc426c5b.gif (image/gif) Electronic periodic speed limit sign
Enter text here... 42f07e3d-c9c0-457b-96cd-4c4d3f09fd16.gif (image/gif) Electronic periodic speed limit sign at school
Enter text here... cf9bd581-1c51-4a82-815b-a89166aef083.gif (image/gif) Tram only street
Enter text here... 26cdd741-88a0-4c5a-ba89-7a2490002454.gif (image/gif) Tram and access only street
Enter text here... 29abca9e-e017-4c28-9fab-3f8052c25c8c.gif (image/gif) Bus only street
Enter text here... 630296e7-4a2b-483b-b10b-beb34695ee19.PNG (image/PNG) Turn back
Enter text here... 1377a34f-df92-4f05-9475-a49a66f02e81.PNG (image/PNG) Pedestrians and bicycles only
Enter text here... 83a16e9b-9004-4a1b-8482-5f12fbb05ba0.PNG (image/PNG) Separate bicycle and pedestrian lanes
Enter text here... dce4604b-d758-4b2c-95a3-75ffea6e2319.gif (image/gif) Go (lane open)
Enter text here... 2cd5b07a-c5a3-43d6-a1f5-2bd6aa7aa2bb.gif (image/gif) Stop (Lane closed)
Enter text here... fc1c0984-60f4-4048-95fe-9aebf8a490fb.gif (image/gif) Move into the left-hand lane
Enter text here... da4f8f69-2470-440a-b79f-6b5b27e8ffc8.gif (image/gif) Move into the right-hand lane
Enter text here... ebd7d659-d294-43b1-880f-7fb5bb32bdfd.gif (image/gif) Dangerous bend ahead
Enter text here... ea4aeac6-5c7f-4e70-b93d-a8de444282e8.gif (image/gif) Dangerous corner ahead
Enter text here... 35dad294-7646-4d74-bf9a-b8ca972ce41a.gif (image/gif) Series of dangerous bends ahead
Enter text here... 9a07b253-e672-412d-ad1b-3834f9ed27f8.gif (image/gif) Series of dangerous corners ahead
Enter text here... bd100fea-6fbe-4103-b415-85825c810037.gif (image/gif) Roundabout
Enter text here... 15edf36a-dc09-4fed-8c63-72a8418d7558.gif (image/gif) Mini-roundabout ahead
Enter text here... 0fbcb932-9429-4dc6-9385-9cb531789d34.gif (image/gif) Two way traffic
Enter text here... 84b38c47-c3ff-43ef-b2cb-02829a23564e.gif (image/gif) Merging traffic
Enter text here... ba0ffad4-5a28-41e6-8b43-f462dd1f0b6e.gif (image/gif) Restricted headroom
Enter text here... 91416be0-35f9-41b0-8780-fffe63c08750.gif (image/gif) T junction
Enter text here... 5a50cefe-4fa4-4042-bfc3-b7a592c7f93d.gif (image/gif) T Junction ahead with roads of less importance (the latter being indicated by arms of lesser width)
Enter text here... b8e0375b-9ff9-4ba8-8c55-7771c9b054bb.gif (image/gif) Y Junction ahead with roads of less importance (the latter being indicated by arms of lesser width)
Enter text here... 514e5981-0c31-447f-a79a-9222240d74f5.gif (image/gif) Crossroads ahead with roads of less importance (the latter being indicated by arms of lesser width)
Enter text here... ef803b78-74fb-40b5-bbaf-482b2e2f0528.gif (image/gif) Side road (of lesser importance) ahead
Enter text here... d55509a3-43df-43f8-8a82-d8157676661b.gif (image/gif) Crossroads ahead with roads of equal importance
Enter text here... 71385ff8-350e-47f9-85ac-e322ea0129a9.gif (image/gif) T junction ahead with roads of equal importance
Enter text here... 5ba53835-4f7d-47c0-be16-189cc3990c2c.gif (image/gif) Y junction ahead with roads of equal importance
Enter text here... 8d46a1e0-e167-460d-a85e-3be302f45edd.gif (image/gif) Side road (of equal importance) ahead
Enter text here... ae0282f0-2c55-40d8-94b2-0c697be15b37.gif (image/gif) Staggered junction ahead
Enter text here... 27fa2dff-e5d5-4be5-a994-0e6b874ebf02.gif (image/gif) Cross roads ahead, crossing a major road
Enter text here... 619ae788-0f18-4bf5-88c0-3ee2d4e5eaf3.gif (image/gif) Crossroads with dual carriageway
Enter text here... 78551bde-ba26-40f4-bf0f-944c9ade42f2.gif (image/gif) T Junction with dual carriageway
Enter text here... 8a93b956-0524-40e6-9097-c45be2e9d49a.gif (image/gif) Drive on left
Enter text here... 65854f63-a0d4-4698-aa3f-7a77b8c57719.gif (image/gif) Low flying aircraft
Enter text here... 7f06a34e-e9b1-478c-ba76-0e6847d6f45c.gif (image/gif) Traffic crossover
Enter text here... d03a5659-0390-46cc-beb3-a395a17bd93a.gif (image/gif) Road divides
Enter text here... 87465c0e-28f7-4967-80ff-c7e36774353f.gif (image/gif) Merging/diverging traffic
Enter text here... f2565a97-9240-4e8c-aa97-fa13228f2f1c.gif (image/gif) Dual carriageway ends
Enter text here... de2a1b4d-8762-4aff-bf3b-68939039bd37.gif (image/gif) Safe height plate
Enter text here... 3fb96435-1906-4b83-a1c1-cda8d2890439.gif (image/gif) Pedestrian crossing ahead
Enter text here... 207c6a33-c39e-4984-9331-54be741f1fe0.gif (image/gif) Overhead electric cables
Enter text here... 93cac291-d0b6-452f-8fce-f87637498ff9.gif (image/gif) Traffic signals ahead
Enter text here... 27f4f361-427b-4a16-a2e5-ecd9aa1c3438.gif (image/gif) Slippery road ahead
Enter text here... 92f713d9-4b20-4918-8b6b-8b5acb88a84f.gif (image/gif) Road narrows on both sides
Enter text here... 8d60fedd-0d58-4b28-914d-9f2d0a2d8922.gif (image/gif) Road narrows from left
Enter text here... 82c71f07-6e15-412a-a677-e0cfe53f39fb.gif (image/gif) Road narrows from right
Enter text here... 4dddf117-bfde-4600-9e85-d5988356da62.gif (image/gif) Tunnel ahead
Enter text here... 9d1058fe-9e75-4945-b803-bc26d2f898aa.PNG (image/PNG) Start of a passing lane
Enter text here... d18948df-426b-4f2b-8d39-922ad2decee5.PNG (image/PNG) Lane loss
Enter text here... 4f041b5b-c91f-4cae-890d-caa78f831319.PNG (image/PNG) Start of a climbing lane
Enter text here... e6d2725e-3afa-4018-9e2e-99954a4c3c63.gif (image/gif) Sharp dip ahead
Enter text here... 6bf3b973-e28c-4709-b9a0-af8bf7b7c435.gif (image/gif) Sharp rise ahead e.g. hump-back bridge
Enter text here... 17c57740-82ad-4517-84cc-7dd3c18fe19c.PNG (image/PNG) Loop road ahead
Enter text here... 921db7fd-0766-4a1c-84e0-8c9d4e219074.gif (image/gif) Series of bumps or hollows ahead
Question Text 69ce0b69-ed0f-4a5e-b3ff-b3cb743bcebc.gif (image/gif) Answer Text
Enter text here... 2d46c514-0f83-45f9-8dc9-00a55dcc88be.gif (image/gif) Sheep
Question Text 58541707-2c23-486f-a0cf-02529af839e5.gif (image/gif) Answer Text
Enter text here... 03554af9-effa-448a-83cb-9c801e8630f4.gif (image/gif) Crosswinds
Enter text here... c8ffd1ed-2ed2-49ab-89ba-0bc0ac34a0ff.gif (image/gif) Accompanied horses and ponies
Enter text here... 968a66c7-134c-4334-af2f-00d4476a390a.gif (image/gif) Steep ascent ahead
Enter text here... 42ab82ca-f238-4063-bdd4-cf672f951be1.gif (image/gif) Steep descent ahead
Enter text here... dcb69f6a-8968-47cb-9d13-6e5bada0aea8.gif (image/gif) Danger of falling rocks
Enter text here... 69bd24ff-f665-4f9e-8d22-fdbcacd64743.gif (image/gif) Level crossing ahead with lights and barriers
Enter text here... 2988b616-ce4c-46d7-8ecd-5442a61059eb.gif (image/gif) Level crossing ahead, unguarded by gates or lifting barrier
Enter text here... 353d1037-e2d4-4f86-98f3-856c1fa794de.gif (image/gif) Level crossing ahead, guarded by gates or lifting barrier
Enter text here... 6185fa1c-eb22-4e5d-8a86-5bdf1920bbca.gif (image/gif) Low bridge ahead (height restriction show)
444373f2-cd90-48cb-a044-cea65f954ed7.gif (image/gif) Unprotected quay, canal or river ahead
72cbbe6b-94df-4070-a713-7005c1ccf918.gif (image/gif) Automatic level crossing ahead
01bb3802-2c90-489d-965b-875ec6a3d27d.gif (image/gif) Stop when lights are red
d9d41251-7c40-45f8-a2b5-a42c43d9fa5b.PNG (image/PNG) Sharp change of direction
53085140-2169-4145-8a89-07043f0b6603.PNG (image/PNG) Sharp change of direction
a8e83bf5-6855-4eff-b3ef-0b9bc6bfed24.gif (image/gif) School ahead
2c4dec73-95a5-4057-a98b-561750764d04.gif (image/gif) School children crossing ahead
db206ef0-b962-442d-901a-18907ad23944.gif (image/gif) Children crossing (in residential area)
c9a8edb4-abb7-45dd-b563-89892e3587d9.gif (image/gif) Slippery for cyclists
56aef1f1-2605-478f-a62c-cd1111cdb3c0.gif (image/gif) Tram lane crossing ahead
1eec634b-0e0e-417b-a981-94e2bed923c6.gif (image/gif) Tram lane warning sign for pedestrians
928b56d1-21da-4b78-b3a7-f4d7810b5ba9.gif (image/gif) Tram lane warning sign for pedestrians
44532c2e-366e-48b8-b846-b7305ac6718b.gif (image/gif) Tram lane warning sign for pedestrians
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