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Warning signs 1781000 (image/png) Mostly triangular
Distance To Stop Line Ahead (image/jpeg) Distance to ‘STOP’ line ahead
Dual Carriageway Ends (image/jpeg) Dual carriageway ends
Road Narrows On Right Left If Symbol Reversed (image/jpeg) ​Road narrows on right (left if symbol reversed)
Road Narrows On Both Sides (image/jpeg) Road narrows on both sides
Distance To Give Way Line Ahead (image/jpeg) Distance to ‘Give Way’ line ahead
Crossroads (image/jpeg) Crossroads
Junction On Bend Ahead (image/jpeg) Junction on bend ahead
T Junction With Priority Over Vehicles From The Right (image/jpeg) T-junction with priority over vehicles from the right
Staggered Junction (image/jpeg) Staggered junction
Traffic Merging From Left Ahead The Priority Through Route Is Indicated By The Broader Line (image/jpeg) Traffic merging from left ahead - The priority through route is indicated by the broader line
Double Bend First To Left Symbol May Be Reversed (image/jpeg) Double bend first to left (symbol may be reversed)
Bend To Right Or Left If Symbol Reversed (image/jpeg) Bend to right (or left if symbol reversed)
Roundabout (image/jpeg) Roundabout
Uneven Road (image/jpeg) Uneven road
Plate Below Some Signs (image/jpeg) Plate below some signs
Two Way Traffic Crosses One Way Road (image/jpeg) Two-way traffic crosses one-way road
Two Way Traffic Straight Ahead (image/jpeg) Two-way traffic straight ahead
Opening Or Swing Bridge Ahead (image/jpeg) Opening or swing bridge ahead
Low Flying Aircraft Or Sudden Aircraft Noise (image/jpeg) Low-flying aircraft or sudden aircraft noise
Falling Or Fallen Rocks (image/jpeg) Falling or fallen rocks
Traffic Signals Not In Use (image/jpeg) Traffic signals not in use
Traffic Signals (image/jpeg) Traffic signals
Slippery Road (image/jpeg) Slippery road
Steep Hill Downwards (image/jpeg) Steep hill downwards
Steep Hill Upwards Gradients May Be Shown As A Ratio I E 20 15 (image/jpeg) Steep hill upwards ​Gradients may be shown as a ratio i.e. 20% = 15
Tunnel Ahead (image/jpeg) Tunnel ahead
Trams Crossing Ahead (image/jpeg) Trams crossing ahead
Level Crossing With Barrier Or Gate Ahead (image/jpeg) Level crossing with barrier or gate ahead
Level Crossing Without Barrier Or Gate Ahead (image/jpeg) Level crossing without barrier or gate ahead
Level Crossing Without Barrier (image/jpeg) Level crossing without barrier
Frail Or Blind Or Disabled If Shown Pedestrians Likely To Cross Road Ahead (image/jpeg) Frail (or blind or disabled if shown) ​pedestrians likely to cross road ahead
Pedestrians In Road Ahead (image/jpeg) Pedestrians in road ahead
Zebra Crossing (image/jpeg) Zebra crossing
Overhead Electric Cable Plate Indicates Maximum Height Of Vehicles Which Can Pass Safely (image/jpeg) Overhead electric cable; plate indicates maximum height ​of vehicles which can pass safely
Available Width Of Headroom Indicated (image/jpeg) Available width of headroom indicated
Sharp Deviation Of Route To Left Or Right If Chevrons Reversed (image/jpeg) Sharp deviation of route to left ​(or right if chevrons reversed)
Light Signals Ahead At Level Crossing Airfield Or Bridge (image/jpeg) Light signals ahead at level crossing, airfield or bridge
Miniature Warning Lights At Level Crossings (image/jpeg) Miniature warning lights at level crossings
Cattle (image/jpeg) Cattle
Wild Animals (image/jpeg) Wild animals
Wild Horses Or Ponies (image/jpeg) Wild horses or ponies
Accompanied Horses Or Ponies (image/jpeg) Accompanied horses or ponies
Cycle Route Ahead (image/jpeg) Cycle route ahead
Risk Of Ice (image/jpeg) Risk of ice
Traffic Queues Likely Ahead (image/jpeg) Traffic queues likely ahead
Distance Over Which Road Humps Extend (image/jpeg) Distance over which road humps extend
Other Danger Plate Indicates Nature Of Danger (image/jpeg) Other danger; plate indicates nature of danger
Soft Verges (image/jpeg) Soft verges
Side Winds (image/jpeg) Side winds
Hump Bridge (image/jpeg) Hump bridge
Worded Warning Sign (image/jpeg) Worded warning sign
Quayside Or River Bank (image/jpeg) Quayside or river bank
Risk Of Grounding (image/jpeg) Risk of grounding
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